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    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    God damn......is there a bigger mystery in the minor LA comedy bubble today than "Betsy Sodaro"?? Exactly how much $$$$$$ has this HACK ""performer"" blown on UCB classes to score such a "fantasy camp/make-a-wish" style free ride out of absolute pity through Earwolf Studios' finest??? This is the only mother fucker I'm almost dead positive actually pays Matt Besser a fee per podcast appearance when monthly ad revenue from Stamps or Nature Box are down....never been more certain of anything in all my life. Has not yet reached the corporate fraud level of PAUL SCHEER or JEFF GARLIN in terms of inscrutable success by way of sheer Hollyweird @$$ kissing but could you imagine her siphoning herself into shit we actually care about?? Who the fuck's responsible here ? ?? Scott????
  2. jiffypark

    Episode 260 — Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    I'd like to take full credit for Brendon coming on and doing his "Tiny" voice as it was recycled from his first and only appearance up until a month ago from 2009 and there's no comments on the episode but I mentioned it in my only post on this board last year and as Scott read it because he checked my profile I've connected the dots. Scott please verify
  3. jiffypark

    Episode BO2009 — The Best of 2009

    This was ballot rigged popularity contest bull shit...under no circumstances would even the best "Would you Rather" segments be included in a year-end best of...this one had like 6. Scott where were Matt Walsh and Co doing the script workshopping or Brendon Small's Fat Albert takes Bill Cosby's photo/Fat Albert meets Louie Armstrong at the Camera Store? I've opted out of the last couple months of 2012 episodes because you and "friends of the show" are no longer into it to go through 2009-2011 episodes that I haven't listened to and I'll be in the best of 2010 thread with oversightings in the next couple weeks. Thanks