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    Simply Irresistible (1999)

    Quite possibly the worst "romantic comedy" (I use that term loosely here) ever and I've seen a lot of romantic comedies. It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and I bought it on a whim during the height of my Buffy obsession and despite numerous attempts, no one will buy the movie back or even allow me to donate it to charity. To sum up the movie: magical crabs, random dance numbers, and some great fog machine work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNhbjTllZR4
  2. fatcraftybitch

    Ghost Dad (1990)

    I rewatched Ghost Dad recently and thought it might be good for How Did This Get Made? It's well known, I think, for it but odd and weird enough to make fun of ...the kids are just a little too okay with the fact that their Dad is dead and Bill Cosby's character is so insensitive to the kids....just a suggestion.
  3. fatcraftybitch

    Spice World!

    I rewatched this recently and liked it more as an adult than I did as a tween...I actually get the references. They made a movie that went over their fan base's head but that wouldn't interest anyone else....but I agree it NEEDS to be done on HDTGM
  4. fatcraftybitch

    Episode 50 — Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2

    Was anyone else expecting Pete Holmes's voice to come out of the creepy CGI/E*TRADE baby. Surely I can't be alone in this.... As to why the baby was in CGI to begin with - If I am remembering correctly the baby doesn't just grow quickly, its grows out of order. Meaning even when its technically baby sized it might have more adult looking eyes and can talk or understand english. As Wien said above, it's supposed to be wise and be able to express itself.....in the books the baby also likes to bite people and drinks blood.