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    Episode 50 — Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2

    Okay, I need a little clarification here. So from what I have heard about these movies, when Bella gets pregnant with Renesmee (spelling?), they have this weird conversation where Edward seems to want her to have a vampbortion, but she says no. Then, when the baby is actually born, her adult best friend Jacob sees the baby and essentially werejaculates all over the baby, symbolically tying the baby to him for all time, correct? So, here is the question I both hope someone can answer for me and feel disturbed that someone will be able to answer for me: When people have talked about the vampire decapitations, they have said that they were kind of bloodless, I am assuming to keep the movie rated PG-13. But then, going by that logic, it would lead me to believe that vampires do not have blood or the tranditional bodily fluids associated with being human. So my question is, if vampires do not have bodily fluids then how does Bella get pregnant in the first place?!? Is Edward's weird vampire superpower sparkly, womb penetrating sperm? Is this addressed at any point, or is the audience just left to jump to their own conclusions, like "EDWARD + BELLA = OTP - Of course she magically gets pregnant with his vampire baby!!" I realize that picking apart the logic of a Twilight movie is probably a new low for me, but this has really stuck in my craw. Seriously, what is happening, people?