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    Pulled episodes, HDTGM

    As I was listening to several old episodes of HDTGM I noticed the Green Lantern episode (14) was missing. I couldn't find any messages regarding why episode 14 is not available. Will someone at Earwolf help me understand what's going on? This is the second episode to be removed (episode 16 - Smurfs, being the first by "reasonable request") and it's making me concerned that this occurrence may become frequent, which would be disappointing and off-putting. I hope to receive a reply soon. Thank you.
  2. tan1230

    Episode 158.5 — Sklarbro County 63

    This is the second time in a row an old celebrity has called in asking for your help. This week Ventura, last week Segal. Both stranded, both looking to the Sklars for help. It's truly a testament to your compassion! I hope they make it. :-D
  3. tan1230

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Ok, so your volcano sequel idea was great, but don't go for dinosaurs. Let it be dragons that are shot out of the volcano. EVERYONE knows that dragons are creatures of fire, so none of those losers out there (you know, scientists or logical people in general) will be able to argue the reality of the premise. I think you all would make a fantastic sequel for the Syfy channel! Good luck! And thanks for the surprise, it made my day. :-)
  4. tan1230

    Episode 137.5 — Sklarbro County 42

    If your drinking cup can be mistaken for pirate's booty... youmightbe a pimp.
  5. Hey HDTGM, longtime listener, first-time poster. So, I guess I'm the black sheep of your listening audience. This will be my least favorite out of all the episodes. I was with you all in expecting the kid to turn into a tree; maybe like the one in Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words. Hey maybe this is a prequel to Eddie's movie. Eddie Murphy is another crappy parent being schooled by a tree. Anyway, I hope your serious discussions are few and far between. I can get serious discussions about movies from too many places. I can only get skillfully comedic reviews from a few; and your podcast takes the number 1 spot. Fortunately, I have the reviews of Battlefield Earth and Skyline to get me by until the next episode. Thanks for all your good work.