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    Running Scared (2006)

    weird i did a search an nothing came up prior to my posting
  2. mezdup

    Running Scared (2006)

    'out of control' doesn't even begin to describe what happens in this movie. anybody who has seen this movie knows how fucking insane it was. there's so much crazy stuff that happens. this movie in unpredictable in the sense that they go to some really fucking weird places that movies just shouldn't go. don't read below if you don't want spoilers some gems: - paul walker successfully working a curse into every line - that weird looking kid managing to look weird the entire movie - that weird looking kid's dad's obsession with john wayne - that girl from lost being a crazy kidnapping pedophile - CGI hockey pucks - paul walker being shot and bleeding profusely as he drives the kid back to the house without killing both himself and the kid and then somehow surviving in the end?!
  3. so i recently started listening to this podcast from the beginning and i just finished Episode 9: Fast Five with Adam Scott (fantastic episode). towards the end you guys mentioned doing one for Predators and i think that movie would be perfect for an episode. i mean that movie is utterly ridiculous in so many ways. i'm excited just thinking about what you guys would talk about haha. it would be a good opportunity to bring Adam Scott back for an episode as well.
  4. Hey, everybody! My name is Comedy and I bang bang! Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang!
  5. although humorous, the whole murdering children part should probably have been cut. comes off a bit insensitive in light of recent events.
  6. So I said to the guy, "Listen, you can have all the stuff you want, just don't take my TV on DVD collection!" He didn't like that much. Or at least I had thought so as he proceeded to beat me quite severely immediately after I said it. But when I came to a few hours later I was shocked to find that my TV on DVD collection had remained untouched. I sat there for a moment counting my blessings (I call all of my TV on DVD sets blessings) and sure enough, every single one was still there. So yea, that was likely the best robbery I've been victim to. Anyways, we should probably start the show.
  7. Hey, everybody! My name is Doug and I love movies! This is Doug Loves Movies!