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    Regarding Xmas Movie Suggestions

    Elf isn't generally considered a bad movie. It has an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it made a crapton of money. I was rooting for Christmas with the Kranks, personally!
  2. CK06

    Playing for Keeps (2012)

    Yeah, I had the same thought. I fear it'll just be long and boring, however.
  3. CK06

    Equilibrium (2002)

    Not a terrible movie, but for a society that's not allowed to feel or show emotions, a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT of emoting is going on. I dunno if they would have a great time ripping it apart, though. Apart from the logic flaws, is there that much to riff on?
  4. CK06

    Spider-Man 3 correction

    According to IMDB, he also played "Smooth" in Barb Wire.