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  1. The master plan to wipe out children, replace everyone with robots and "change the world" in this movie is basically perfect when you think about. After all; 1) I cannot imagine anything most children would rather be doing at 9PM on Halloween than being at home watching a horror movie marathon, especially since there's a non-descript prize up for grabs. 2) Since there's no such thing as time zones, there's no chance of anybody getting an advance warning about the face melting, or no chance of it being too late anywhere for children to miss the broadcast 3) Every country in the world celebrates Halloween. Bravo Cochran. This plan is flawless.
  2. In Australia, we don't have skunks guys. We also don't have books, wildlife documentaries, the internet, zoos, Looney Toons cartoons with Pepe Le Pew or the movie Bambi or really just general knowledge about animals. Truth. But yeah, this movie sucked. Paul Hogan has basically made a career of being the Australian version of when Taco from the League appeared in the Sands of Passion as the American rapper-slash-cowboy-slash-cautionary tale.
  3. danm_999

    Episode 68.5 β€” Minisode 68.5

    Yeah it'd be one thing to suspend your disbelief that Australians don't know anything about 'big city life' (even though proportionately, more Australians live in urban areas than Americans), but we've seen this exact character living in New York City for the past two films.
  4. danm_999

    Episode 68 β€” Over The Top: LIVE!

    Such a good point. The only defence of the script I'll attempt to make is that given it couldn't even get itself straight on the protagonist's name, the fact the stakes were horribly bungled is like an afterthought.
  5. danm_999

    Episode 67 β€” Sharknado

    Woah, a b-b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s-s episode of HDTGM? And the film is Sharknado? And the guest is the Chocktaw? Sign me up!
  6. danm_999

    Episode 65 β€” Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    Great episode, really good energy, Schaal was a great guest. The gang was on top form. Trainwreck of a film. Probably the most WTF premise for a movie since Super Mario Bros where a meteor smashes into a planet and creates a parallel dimension because 'Fuck You. Science.' So Howard gets sucked to Earth because...lasers? But lasers are just light, not fucking tractor beams. And why did it only drag Howard, since there were clearly other objects and ducks closer to the beam than him. And how did the laser, which again, just light, go through fucking walls and buildings? And how was Howard dragged through the vacuum of space without freezing or suffocating? Why the shitballs did the computer at the end know how long it'd take the Dark Overlords of the Universe to arrive? Why did it even have that function; Jeffrey Jones said it was supposed to measure gas around Alpha Centauri. And is anybody elses left side going numb thinking about this movidkf;hsdfhkdsj,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. danm_999

    Episode 64 β€” After Earth

    My favourite part of the White House Down marketing is that several of the posters for it I've shown show the fucking Capitol Building instead, like both the people who made the film, and the people who the film is supposed to target can't tell the difference.
  8. danm_999

    Episode 64 β€” After Earth

    Umm, so when Will Smith goes over to the spaceship window and feels it vibrating against his medallion, what exactly about the asteroid field is causing the ship's window to vibrate? There's no air in space, and hence no sound, so where were the vibrations coming from...? PFT is always such a great guest on podcasts, in or out of character. He had really great chemistry with the gang as they riffed on this movie. And as for this movie...Jesus. What a dumb, dumb message. Fear is a choice? No, it's a biological reaction to stimuli which was helped humanity survive for millions of years by nagging us with important shit like "hey, you better eat soon or you'll die horribly emaciated", or "hmm, maybe I shouldn't get any closer to that hissing sound in the bushes". And what's up with all these pussies around the world in Syria and Turkey and North Korea afraid for themselves and their families because of famine, disease, war and genocide? Didn't they get the memo from the great M Night? Stop being so afraid!
  9. danm_999

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    Tango and Cash; Stallone; From the look of your diet, it's obvious that you're not too interested in counting calories. Could it be that you're just too busy counting the money they paid you to set us up? Watch the video for full effect. I like to imagine Tango walked into this situation thinking "I need to work the idea of counting somehow into what this guy is doing." He saw the bowl of spaghetti, and was like "ok, let's do this".
  10. Jason's observation about the fucking insanity, perversity and bizzareness that the Asian guy towards the end must have been saying "Mrs. Hughes?" to a closed bathroom stall nearly caused me to crash my bike into a pole I was laughing so hard.
  11. danm_999

    Let June speak!

    Huh, I actually thought June had been the MVP of the last few episodes; Guys, but what exactly IS a 'street fighter'? She really drove the discussion in that 'Stop or My Mom Will Shoot' episode, especially early on. That and the Jack and Jill advocacy. One of my favourite lines in the most recent, Paul is attempting to describe the church ceremony, and June deadpans; 'Paul...that was Mass.' The increasingly erratic pronounciations of Leelee Sobieski in the Name of the King.
  12. danm_999

    Episode 23 β€” Anybody's Game

    Don't worry about Sir Richard. He's going to be all right.
  13. So Stallone was a homicide detective right? That was why his mother held back information from the police so he could catch the murderer himself and get a promotion. But he was also making undercover busts at the beginning of the film, which I'm guessing is part of a Vice department? And also he's a hostage negotiator....? Maybe that'd make sense in a small town or something, but he's living in Los Angeles. Why is he doing every single job in the LAPD?
  14. danm_999

    In defense of Nick Cage?

    Yeah Cage is a good actor, and when the projects right he does a great job. He's great in Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, Moonstruck, The Rock. Problem is, he has like terrible debt, mostly from tax, probably not helped by the fact he's bought several castles in Europe. That means he'll just do any fucking movie that comes his way, because he needs the cash.
  15. danm_999

    Episode 60.5 β€” Minisode 60.5

    Oh man, a friend of mine showed me some clips from this one. Fucking insane dialogue. My favourite was; I had to rewind that shit like five times, I couldn't understand what the fuck was being said.