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    A Talking Cat!?! (2013)

    This movie defies understanding. The movie is about a talking cat, which is so ridiculous that the punctuation in the title seems almost angry. Eric Roberts voices the titular cat, which based on the quality of it, seems like he recorded sessions when he was sitting on the toilet and felt he may as well get paid while he shits, by (literally) phoning in his lines. The scenes in which the cat talks would have about the same level of believability if they had taped an old tape recorder to the side of the cat while someone off camera poked the "play" button with a stick whenever the next line is supposed to be said It's directed by David DeCoteau, whose credits seem to be mostly soft-core porn and/or horror films you could probably jerk off to. This "energy" comes through as well, a lot of the scenes seem oddly sleazy or like the preamble before some sex that you really don't want to watch. Some incentive, after 5-10 seconds if it doesn't convince you that you need to watch this, then it might be a lost cause, also you may be dead inside. Just keep in mind while you are watching that, THIS IS IN A FUCKING MOVIE, it's not just someone's home videos that someone is splicing Eric Roberts voice into.
  2. When Jason mentions she becomes real at seven in my head I pictured an article titled "Comedian Jason Mantzoukas takes a hard line on the abortion debate, declares conception begins at seven years old!" on some yahoo/gawker/etc site haha.
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    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    Now I'm assuming this whole jeshirt thing is a Kaufman-esque elaborate bit, but yeah holy shit that was depressing.