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    Star Wars Holiday Special

    I couldn't even sit through this movie, some local public access channel aired it like at 2 am and it was a terrible VHS rip from the original date it aired so we saw the commercials in between breaks. That was the best part! Maybe Disney will make a reboot of this!
  2. JustinRogers

    Equilibrium (2002)

    I enjoyed Equilibrium, I think it's under rated... what's worse though is the female version which was done by the same director. UltraViolet... Man that one is a doosey!
  3. JustinRogers

    Miami Connection (1987)

    I just saw this trailer over the weekend and I thought this gem would make a great episode! It was actually made in the 80's but it was never released in America until now. It comes out next Tuesday and they are releasing it on not only dvd and bluray, but also VHS!!! Here's the trailer: what do you guys think?