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    How have the Star Wars prequels not been done yet?

    I think Jason and Paul and June are talented enough to put together an entertaining episode . After all, they've done it with several other over saturated bad movies. Judge Dredd, the Wicker Man, Road House, Batman and Robin... the list goes on. The same could be said of any one.
  2. MatthewVanZandtLucas

    How have the Star Wars prequels not been done yet?

    Yes, I've seen the red letter media commentaries and they are great. But I would still like to see HDTGM cover at least the first one. Why? Because it would probably make for a hilarious, fun show. Isn't that the point?
  3. MatthewVanZandtLucas

    Revolver or Jumper

    Jumper would be pretty great. It's nuts enough to make an entertaining show but watchable.
  4. MatthewVanZandtLucas

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    Ugh. Why did I watch this? It wasn't good, it wasn't fun bad, it wasn't in any way enjoyable. It didn't make for a great show either. I love the show, but I have to say the selections have been not great recently. Stick with movies that are bad but entertaining at least, please. They make for better shows as well.
  5. MatthewVanZandtLucas

    Demolition Man

    This movie must be done. Like, soon.
  6. At least Episode 1. Right? There is nothing right about that movie, and it is a huge blockbuster hit. It was LOADED with racism and nonsense, horrible, HORRIBLE CGI, absurd coincidences and some of the worst dialogue ever crapped onto a page. I mean, it is literally the perfect movie for this podcast. GET ON IT GUYS.
  7. MatthewVanZandtLucas

    Nineties Video Game Movies

    Your Super Mario Brothers podcast was great, so I'd like to recommend you do a video game movies run. Street Fighter (you haven't done a Van Damme movie yet? FOR SHAME), Mortal Kombat and maybe Double Dragon. All of these movies are FUCKING NUTS and would make for a great show. And House of the Dead as well, but that is a Uwe Boll movie so maybe it's too easy. But it is absolutely one of the best terrible movies I've ever seen. So... think about it?