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  1. Love this podcast, glad June is finally back on an episode, I really don't think the live episodes are very good tho....it'd so much more magical in studio, but I realize they get the money doing it live. Been to two live shows, loved the experience. But not fun to listen to....been months since a good episode was released....

  2. I like Moshe's other podcast the champs. He's a pretty funny guy. But it did seem when he told his story about burning man and starting a fight with the guy who left his segway near/on/around their area, Moshe seemed the one at fault, and he seemed judgemental and disconnected from the main idea of burning man. one could say Burning Man is about drugs, or freedom of expression, or enlightenment and that could be true for that person, but I think the main thread through Burning Man is community, and togetherness. So starting that fight with that guy for leaving his scooter near their area just seems wrong and completely opposed to the true meaning of Burning Man. But what do I know I'm just a ghost of a lava lamp trapped in a keyboard.

  3. Jason just said, and I'm paraphrasing off of memory but, "I referenced this information once in an article, and I'm not sure if it's even true, but most people are something something something." This podcast is very interesting and likeable but I often feel that there's a lack of research beyond " I read an article once and it said...". It would be wonderful of you could run some of your own scientific tests to illustrate your points. and I get that the assumptions presented by this podcast are broad and difficult to prove but "our data shows..." Sounds more cowabunga.


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