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    "____, please"

    There's that expression, "n-word, please" that made the rounds a while ago. Now in the parts of the internet that I occupy, nerdy parts, there are a plethora of people using the "____, please" format. A glaring example was a world of warcraft guild I saw called "Naga please", the Naga are a race of creatures in that game. Most of the times I have seen this they aren't so on the nose, but they are always annoying. There's that snickering subtext that white kids seem to get when they are "doing something bad" that seems connected with it. Carpetbagging, cultural approbation, whatever you call it... "____, please" frustrates the hell out of me. But yo... is it racist?? ps. I haven't heard all the YITR episodes so maybe you already covered this one. Lemme know!