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  1. pokey_valentine

    Episode 227 - Attitude-driven Apparel

    It's a hoodie, and on the back it says: Suck Shit! I nearly had a cardiac event.
  2. pokey_valentine

    tbh #mcm af

  3. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 360 β€” Snow Dome

    This was a funny episode but I hated it because everyone died at the end. Spolier alert.
  4. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 361 β€” Waiting for Infinnerty

    Thank you.
  5. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 353 β€” Goodbye Reggie!

    Jun is supposed to be a time for Dads 'n Grads, but Reggie's departure gives me the Sads!
  6. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 352 β€” Scrunchy Face

    I listened and enjoyed, and all I can offer in return is my sincerest "KUDOS."
  7. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    What the heck, guy, Jimmy Fallon is America's favorite funnyman!
  8. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 3 - Neil Casey - Spotlight On: Mr. Jordache

    I was listening in public and I became very visibly aroused when Listler joined Mr. J in the shower.
  9. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    Ugh! Can't wait until Howard gets back, but June is looking radiant on this one.
  10. Personally, I thought Jeff Hiller was great, especially his character who restated things in his own words.
  11. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 2 - Chris Gethard - Spotlight On: Lil’ Nicky

    Lil' Nicky was so impressed: "You fucked a playwright!?"
  12. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 349 β€” The 6th Anniversary Show!

    From all of us to all of you, kudos.
  13. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 348 β€” Is Y'all My Daddy?

    Hey, we're all just creating/consuming/sharing content as efficiently as we can!
  14. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 348 β€” Is Y'all My Daddy?

    Four comedians went into a podcasting studio, and you won't believe what happened next!
  15. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 346 β€” That Is Wild

    That's the IFC Effect!
  16. Probably one of my top ten episodes of anything with episodes of all time.
  17. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 346 β€” That Is Wild

    Tom Green did what Tom Green does, and it would be insane to expect him to have any regard for improv etiquette or to be something other than Tom Green. For Tom Green to work on this podcast, the improvisers would have to account for his being Tom Green. I'm not sure if anyone could, and if they could, I'm not sure they'd be willing to, but if they could and they would, they would have to be loud, aggressive, and accepting of the possibility that Tom Green will be actually mad/upset with them and even leave. James Adomian and Jon Gabrus are about the only ones who come to mind. All due respect to Mary Holland and Erin Whitehead (and this is no insult), but their style is not compatible with Tom Green style.
  18. pokey_valentine

    Guest suggestions

    I love the musical eps, and I think Will Johnson (formerly of Centro-matic) would be good.
  19. pokey_valentine

    EPISODE 345 β€” Shifting Bouncy

    NOW That's What I Call Comedy Bang Bang #345!
  20. pokey_valentine

    Episode 212 β€” Comedy Bleep Bleep

    There's silverfish and crickets hopping about.
  21. pokey_valentine

    Episode 117 β€” Is Everyone Racist?

    Do you really perceive this as a problem? It seems to me that the opposite is true, that offensive comedy is the easiest way to make it right now. Louis C.K. is the biggest and most influential comedian working. Even Anthony Jeselnik has his own show. ETA: That's not a judgment on either of those two comics as comics, but their success seems to suggest that there's no real risk to comedians who incorporate offensive material.
  22. NY Times: Her Gig Canceled After Tirade, Michelle Shocked Plays Outside In Protest
  23. pokey_valentine

    Episode 121 β€” The Origin of Dubstep

    I don't disagree with your point, in general, but it's worth remembering that she's 17-18 years old. Her peers on tumblr are furiously shipping characters on Glee or something. At least she's trying. It's just as easy to neglect that stuff, and I'm also speaking from experience.
  24. pokey_valentine

    Winning "Would You Rather?"

    Do you have plans to release the spreadsheets? Americans have a right to know what's happening!