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  1. I wish I were Jon Hamm. But not for why you think. Mainly because of his massive dick. Oh that is what you thought?

  2. Don't care what anyone says. One of the best shows ever. http://t.co/1QWElMzvVe

  3. Ten year anniversary of the war. I remember what I was doing this exact day. In a strip club while the TV's played footage of the war.

  4. Not normally big on fan videos, but I really like this. http://t.co/hvum02iuyd

  5. Remember when we all thought that video of the eagle trying to steal that baby was real? Man I miss those days.

  6. Follow my friends @draculablack_ ! They make great music and they will snuggle with you upon request! Great guys!

  7. God I hate writing resumes. Objective: To earn money to buy food so I won't die. Is that too blunt?

  8. Just want to remind everyone that Justin Timberlake isn't funny. He just does what the funny people tell him to do.

  9. Some guy today said my dog had " big Hollywood eyes." Don't worry, he's been reported the proper authorities.

  10. Mulholland Dr. It has been far too long you saucy minx.

  11. If you want to watch an effective, creepy found footage horror movie for once, I recommend The Bay. Yeesh.

  12. Sometimes inspiration just hits me. http://t.co/qifPYq748z

  13. If for some reason someone makes a biopic of Beck, I nominate Michael Cera to play him.

  14. Been getting a lot of spam e-mail with the subject line, "I lost my pussy!" Have I really mistaken how women work all these years?

  15. Sexual harrassment is no laughing matter http://t.co/F6HgFN2YDQ

  16. I'm putting this out there again since it needs to be seen. Important stuff. http://t.co/yobfE3c0GN

  17. This came to me in a fever dream. http://t.co/MP81Tx6x1E

  18. My friend who's not on twitter will love that I put this pic of him up. http://t.co/QwirDV5zri

  19. This message comes from the heart. http://t.co/EYKOsz7KzQ