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  1. Chaosound

    The Reincarnation of Gerry

    He should reroll as a rogue. Take charge of the group and then backstab them all for being horrible role-players.
  2. Chaosound

    Questions for Sark

    So this has been brought up over and over throughout the forums but just to put it right to you Mr Sark... What's the hold-up with bringing Gerry back in? Surely it would have been easy to just have him be one of the survivors that decides to join the group in their escape attempt.
  3. Chaosound

    Episode 13 — Up Goes The Lift

    So is Brian. This episode was hilarious. and yes bring Gerry back damnit!
  4. Chaosound

    Character Drawings

    Swat Ninjas on tour with Vorpal Botch
  5. Chaosound

    Questions for Sark

    I just got into 4E and I kinda think the same heh
  6. Chaosound

    Questions for Sark

    Sark, doin a good job but if you haven't already go check out Spencer from Harmontown... maybe he could help you out with 4E and dynamics.
  7. Chaosound

    Character Drawings

    wicked cool pic but ER wasn't drow
  8. Chaosound

    A Brief Overview of the Characters

    You can find pics of some character sheets on the facebook page. They can't even keep track of who has what equipment how could "we" haha.
  9. Chaosound

    Character Drawings

    @Dry that comic is awesome! I hope you've done some more. @Pudge great Mildred!
  10. Chaosound

    Episode 9 — Going In Recons Blazing

    While I do agree with some of the nitpicking about gameplay & shit (really how much is a disguise covered in blood gonna help???) as stated it's a comedy podcast so a lot has to be ignored, hell #10 is the 1st ep they've used initiative. Awesome podcast a ton of fun and I enjoy Sark taking time to explain rules because I'm sure not all listeners are experienced players. Still miss Ell Ryan.
  11. Chaosound

    Episode 9 — Going In Recons Blazing

    Crazy Shit That Happened on Old Adventures should be called Crazy Shit That Happened on Old Adventures. The name is perfect. WTF?
  12. Chaosound

    Episode 3 — In Search of Gear

    edit... I've just read up on the 1 YEAR gap between recording ep1 & 2 so I take back all the things I blasted about continuity mistakes. Now, when do we see Amarth & co. cross over with Sharpie Buttsalot?!?!
  13. Chaosound

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Blackee Green FTW!!
  14. Chaosound

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    Awesome podcast. I've listened to several "real" d&d podcasts and this blows them away.
  15. Chaosound

    Episode 3 — In Search of Gear

    I noticed from ep1 to ep2 there was a slight hiccup in continuty. They established in ep2 they were not on their ship but on an attatchment (referred to as a pontoon) to a much larger ship. I believe the crew/guards are no longer on deck as they went below in search of the missing captives. Amazed it was Ell Ryan that engaes in the 1st actual combat instead of Amarth Amon. Bring back the original Blackee Green!