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  1. jmschulte636

    Episode 124 — Duke of Leon

    Kulap is such a babe.
  2. jmschulte636

    Character Drawings

    Scanned this Drawing at work, hopefully I don't get in trouble because of Ell Ryan's elf parts.
  3. jmschulte636

    Character Drawings

    Nerd Poker Drawing - Stage 1 I'm gonna finish the drawing and try and color it, this is just what I did tonight. I gotta get Sark in there somewhere as well.
  4. jmschulte636

    Character Drawings

    Has no one submitted drawings for the characters yet? I am going to work on some tonight, while listening to Brian and Jerry argue. Also, based on the newest episode I think I will depict Mildred Maxton as a female Bruce Vilanch. Any suggestions on what they should be doing. I'll probably have Amarth shaking his head at a Naked pube-less El Ryan. Maybe Sark pulling the puppet strings. Group portrait to come soon.
  5. Episode 61 'special man' 'raiders man'
  6. Best episode yet, bout shit my pants during the raiders man skit. RAIDERSSSS! No problems.
  7. jmschulte636

    Fantasy Sports Podcast

    You could also have a show league, and a fan leagues for them to get involved as well.
  8. jmschulte636

    Fantasy Sports Podcast

    I think one thing that would really be great on Earwolf, is a fantasy sports show. Specificaly for football and baseball, but could also include hockey and basketball. You could have comedians who are also known sports fans. Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, Sean Conroy, just to name a few. As well as maybe professional athletes and fantasy analysts. I think it would be a great opportunity for you network. I would like to personally volunteer myself, if you would consider me. I even have several titles and bits in the work. I would at least like to be involved in some way. Please? I have been playing fantasy baseball & football since Highschool, and consistently gotten to the finals almost every year. I have even won a few times. Anybody else have thoughts about this. At least about the idea not me hosting since none of you know me. J. Schulte (fantasy guru)