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  1. Oh, good! I really like that guy and I was so hoping he wouldn't disappoint.
  2. memichelle

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    Well this has just made my fucking morning and I haven't even listened yet. YES!
  3. Man, that Eliza Skinner is funny. She's just on it all of the time! Really enjoyable listen!
  4. I did find it funny when Jimmy checked in on Matt with a "Matt? You doing alright?" Because I'm pretty sure Matt had literally not been able to say anything for an hour.
  5. Halfway through... this is like a guest lecture. There were a lot of great stories, but I admit that on a few occasions, I said aloud "oh my god, shut up."
  6. memichelle

    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    I tried to read all of the comments, but I might have missed some, so I apologize if I'm being repetitive, but... The sharks can crash through buildings, and even into the super safe bunker, but that Universal Studios globe is impervious to sharks? Also, why couldn't Hasselhoff have just jumped in a shark and fallen to the earth like Fin and April did? Lastly, can we stop having weird sexual tension with Fin and Nova? She acts like she still wants Fin and is annoyed by April, but then she's all "Oh, my god child, blah blah blah..."
  7. "Ugh. I just hate rappers. Wait, is she white?" Uh... wat.
  8. memichelle

    EPISODE 357 — Modern Anti-Comedy

    Good show. But shut up about adult freckles, dicks.
  9. memichelle

    EPISODE 210 — Anticipation

    Ha! Anyway, that episode was challenging to listen to at times, but totally worth it for Judy's TJ Max.
  10. I've found that most people like the brown little toasts the best. They even have a different kind that is mostly melba. I agree with Matt though. They are the total WORST.
  11. memichelle

    EPISODE 205 — Transgender

    I don't know if it is the majority or not. Personally, I don't relate much to that. I guess I just don't relate myself to my gender much at all. To me, being a woman has little to nothing to do with wanting to wear makeup, have long hair, or wear dresses. The main woman-things that have impacted me as a human are bearing and feeding children. Not to say you have to do those things to be a woman, but that's just the only thing I can think of that identifies me strongly as one gender or the other. That and my vagina. But having never struggled with gender identity, I'm sure there are feelings that would be hard for me to fully comprehend. So I will support my fellow humans in this, and urge anyone to take whatever steps they need to to live their best life and/or calm their respective hearts.
  12. memichelle

    EPISODE 205 — Transgender

    Um, David was right on with his objection to murderers on death row. I can't believe he actually got crap for that one!
  13. memichelle

    Episode 1611 - Jason Nash

    I was very heartened by the support that the guys gave to Bruce Jenner. It would've been really easy to make fun of him, but that's not what happened. I find that even the gay community isn't always understanding of or supportive of transgender issues, so their understanding was nice to hear.
  14. Now, I know you're going to get mad at me for getting mad at you, but... Let's just say I'm glad the conversation about homeless people was brief!
  15. Yeah, I was hoping there was more to it than that. I'm sure there are some people in need of stuff first. Maybe even plastic stuff.