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    Episode 56 — After Party Brawl

    Finally getting around to listening to this post. Sheesh, Sark... I'm no D&D expert, but there is just no effing way that tying up the Chirock in any sort of useful way would be at all easy. It sounds like they aren't in that big of a space. Either: 1) The Dragonborn ties the rope off really loose so the chirock can't resist, whereas it's sort of pointless. or 2) He ties it somewhat tighter, but then he has to counter any movement the Chirock makes in the opposite direction. The Chirock's whole body weight versus the Dragonborn's strength. No effing way. What they could have done, though, was pass the rope loose through the chain, run it down a ways to a whole other part of the chain, and then everyone team up and pull on it there. That would have yanked the dragon in to where it went in and away from them. If that doesn't make sense, picture this: The chirock is standing lasso'ed at the 30 yard line. Quicksilver is holding the other end of the lasso. He runs it around the goal post and to the other end of the field, around the second goal post and hands it to Strong Guy who's standing on the 5 yard line (X-Factor shoutout! Gerry knows!). What happens to the Chirock when Strong Guy yanks? He moves away from Strong Guy and gets pinned against the goalpost. This works even better in the case of a chain lattice. From there his head would be trapped and they could just stab him to death from behind. Done and done. That would have made some sense. What happened made no sense. Sorry, dude.
  2. BradyDale

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Thanks for starting this show! I hope it leads to a surge in interest among not-totally-painful nerds in roleplaying games. I'd love to play, but not with super nerds. Just mild nerds. Anyone?