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    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    Seriously I've said most of these growing up. I shit you not, (another Maine-ism), this is how we talk. Also, we call duct tape friction tape. It's just the dialect, man. Maine's a strange state, folks. It has like 3 different dialects and accents.
  2. ScooterMcFudden

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    Hey Paul. I was born an raised in Maine. The "rough '50s language," isn't something Stephen King made up. That's just how we talk in Maine.
  3. ScooterMcFudden

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    I've been thinking about watching this movie, but now that June has emphatically proclaimed this movie as dangerous for reasons I still am not sure I fully understand... Something about 6 monkeys being monkeys and not naming or naming them... All I know is with the passion she expressed, I have concerns about watching this. I'd like to watch it, but not be in danger. Would wearing a helmet make it safer? Perhaps watching from the safety of a pillow fort?
  4. ScooterMcFudden

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    So I'm maybe a few minutes into this movie and I've discovered a few things you missed. Like one of the first thing Jayden says in his voice over is that they left earth 1000 years ago. So that would explain why earth had changed so much. Secondly, it's not an English accent. I swear to bajeebus I think they all sound like southern gentlemen... Kind of like a subdued Foghorn Leghorn... Except for the rangers in the cargo hold with the alien... They sound like Bono doing a bad southern accent.
  5. ScooterMcFudden

    Cutthroat Island (1995)

    This movie was in the Guinness Book of World Record for the biggest box office flop, ever and it rightfully gained this honor! It's a track wreck full of dead babies crashing into a flaming bus load of nuns!!! It has everything, bad writing, behind the camera feuding, re-write hell... It's one epic story of the perfect storm of screw ups all contributing to this masterpiece of awful!