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  1. CardiganWearinBro

    Episode 225 — Super Chums

    Taran Killam and Paul Brittain turned out to be my favorite first-timers ever. Paul especially was awesome. Both complimented each others very opposite energy.
  2. CardiganWearinBro

    Episode 224 — Live From Austin

    Bill Diesel delighted me in magical way. I can't decide if he has the exact type of voice a brother of Vin Diesel would have, or if I it's the opposite.
  3. CardiganWearinBro

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    Much like an episode of Hell's Kitchen, there were so many bleeps that I couldn't follow the plot 100%, but I did have a good time.
  4. CardiganWearinBro

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    Jon Glaser should come back every time they break the cherry on a fresh hondo.
  5. CardiganWearinBro

    Episode 54 — The Odd Life of Timothy Green

    You guys should watch movies that are sort of just good more often. It makes for interesting conversation. Also, I think the main question that wasn't covered nearly enough is CAN YOU SMOKE TIMOTHY GREEN, BRO?!
  6. CardiganWearinBro

    Episode 130 — Hatian Dad

    Look, guys. We all know someone who has been touched by imaginary friend leukemia. I'm not entirely sure why you're joking about it, but I found it reprehensible.
  7. Whose cucumber do I have to pickle to get some fun around here?!
  8. CardiganWearinBro

    Best books on the comedy industry?

    One good book that I know of is Comedy at the Edge by Richard Zoglin, which is a great look at comedy in the 70s. It talks a lot about comics that you've probably heard of like George Carlin, Andy Kaufman and Steve Martin. But also some lesser known comics like Robert Klein. Also, Patton Oswalt's book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland has a few stories about a comic's life in the 90s.
  9. Farts on fire, strong desiarrhea.