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    Submit clips here!

    Do you know about Babymetal? Japanese theatrical metal pop (?) I guess. I can't get this fucking song out of my head. Sorry if this is already a well known thing and I'm just late to the party, but I can't imagine that's the case.
  2. OKFuckIt

    Episode 150.5 β€” 10/18/13 TWO CHARTED 89

    Let's play WHERE WERE YOU CONCEIVED? I was conceived at the Jersey Shore which explains my love of the boardwalk and all things summah. For some reason that I'll never understand, my mom just flat out told me this when I was professing my love for Jersey.
  3. OKFuckIt

    Episode 141 β€” Jersey Bonding

    Didn't Lee share with us that Howard used to carry around a lunchbox full of glamour shots of Kate Jackson from Charlie's Angels? But why bother when he had all those playboys at home? Who Charted News Network: Lee reports, you decide
  4. Also here's a fella who knows nothing about pronouncing the word "schedule" around the world
  5. Don't most British people pronounce it Davide Bow-wee (like Avril Lavigne did), and since he is British, wouldn't that be the correct way to say it? And since she is from Canada and grew up under the queen's iron fist, I can see how she would lean that way based on the fear and intimidation tactics of the house of windsor...Hold the phone. I did some research and it seems that most British people are wrong. He chooses to pronounce it the way most Americans do. But who are you going to trust when it comes to diction, Ziggy Stardust or the people who created the language?
  6. OKFuckIt

    Episode 151 β€” Dudity

    The San Fernando Strap-Ons. COME ON!!! Their signature move could be a wrap-around goal. They circle the net and then slip it in the back door. And they have a deep line-up. And you don't even want to know what their zamboni uses to resurface the ice.
  7. I liked this little exchange in the comments for Do The Reel To Reel Edward8585 5 years ago are uu fromο»Ώ podu iloaiei,Romania??? Reply Β· CassetteMaster 5 years ago I'm European blood,ο»Ώ no Native American in me. Seriously, no one accused you of being a Native American
  8. OKFuckIt

    Episode 54.5 β€” Minisode 54.5

    Gotta go with Caleb on this one. It's as if Pet Semetary 2 was made solely for the purposes of this podcast. To quote Jason, that movie is literally bananas!
  9. Thanks for mentioning my facebook group today! It's about goddamn time that Jake Fogelnest Is A Dickbag finally got some recognition.
  10. In recent years, Major World Auto has been doing their best to keep the Crazy Eddie style of commercials alive. Their commercials are mostly on the radio. Each time they scream "IT'S MAJOR WORLD!!!" at you, you're sure that it couldn't possibly get louder. But I assure you that it does.