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  1. Ferdynand

    Episode 100 β€” Tainted Candy

    http://www.earwolf.com/episode/tainted-candy/ Oops, we couldn't find that track. The episode is down on Sound Cloud.
  2. Ferdynand

    Episode 19 β€” Enter The Water Realm

    I lost it so hard at: "I'm uncomfortable with this amount of skin showing"
  3. Ferdynand

    Episode 12 β€” Deeper Into The Base

    Could we have more photos of Sarah? At least one picture per episode please... for science.
  4. Ferdynand

    Episode 12 β€” Deeper Into The Base

    Well looks like is a matter of time before a battle unfolds between Mildred and Amarth. Brian has lost the opportunity to rape two times and to kill innocents at least twice too, I don't think he can hold up the rage much longer, it's going to be epic and I bet on Sarah to win it.
  5. Ferdynand

    Episode 11 β€” The Battle Continues

    Awesome as always. They need to make 2 hours long episodes and more Sarah please .
  6. Ferdynand

    Questions for Sark

    Sark, why won't you plug you YouTube channel? I come from there and I'm loving this podcast. I feel it would work the same way around, you are an awesome entertainer .
  7. Ferdynand

    Episode 8 β€” The Survivors

    Brian said in the first episode his first DM made D&D satanic and it was awesome. How can he be scared of a haunted card box now? How evil can be the demons you invoke with a game of Top Secret/SI? Also I hope this is the only episode without Gerry.
  8. Ferdynand

    Episode 7 β€” Follow the Whispers

    ^ Hahaha awesome (the song). I hope Gerry rolls another character right away I don't know how D&D works but i hope we don't get episodes without him.
  9. Ferdynand

    Episode 6 β€” Swim Toward The Light

    So, in D&D terms darkness means death? Or is there a chance my favorite character is alive? And by that I mean the bear.
  10. Ferdynand

    Episode 5 β€” Shipwrecked

    Great show, never fails to make me giggle like a little girl. Can't wait to see the torture Sark puts the group through.
  11. Ferdynand

    Episode 4 β€” Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

    Great episode. Although I think they should have taken over the boat, I mean they were kicking ass, now they are stranded in god knows were without supplies. I wouldn't be surprised if Sark makes them eat each other in the next episode .