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  1. prestonsinfield

    Episode 120 — Wild Horses

    great episode. these gals are hilarious.
  2. prestonsinfield

    Episode 185.5 — Sklarbro County 90

    for the pennsylvania bang bus story, i would consider 'ride like the wind' by christopher cross feat. michael mcdonald to be appropriate as well. just trying to reach the border of mexico.
  3. prestonsinfield

    Episode 159.5 — 12/20/13 TWO CHARTED 98

    yeah, that was just as good. i enjoy his speak.
  4. prestonsinfield

    Episode 159.5 — 12/20/13 TWO CHARTED 98

    'if you get one, you're off this program', had me dying.
  5. prestonsinfield

    Episode 172 — Eight Year Old Torsos

    great episode.
  6. prestonsinfield

    Episode 152 — Overture

    that howard's a funny. now after hearing about his early sexual escapades with regards to his song preference and poetry readings, i'm convinced he's a genius playing opposite the role.
  7. prestonsinfield

    Episode 251 — The Bed Spoiler

    book title idea for todd- book by dyslexic
  8. prestonsinfield

    Episode 150 — Warrior Pose

    i still think about the orange julius sketch from that snl episode he hosted and how he killed just by saying orange juliuis so many times. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5148521/stallone_on_snl_1997_orange_julius_skit/
  9. prestonsinfield

    Episode 1 — Jake Johnson, Our Close Friend

    seemed like jack's sinuses were giving him some problems, but he plowed through like a real pro.
  10. prestonsinfield

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    hey matt, i suppose that's only fair of me to do. i didn't mean to make a whole thing out of it, but i did go out of my way to express my feelings on the matter. so, i'd be happy to try and discuss it with you and make amends on the issue. please be easy on me though, i'm a hypocrite with a fragile ego.
  11. prestonsinfield

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    hey matt, i had recently made remarks on another forum here on earwolf about how i couldn't get into this episode and someone brought it to my attention that i should probably bring that opinion here. it seems i'm one of the only people to not have appreciated the lack of sensitivity regarding the skits. i mean, i really think the 'too soon' idea could be applied here and although i know you and your guests were more so trying to tackle the issue of gun control as a challenge, perhaps it could have been one that you didn't attempt to take on less than twenty-four hours after such a tragedy. sorry to seem like i'm bashing you, i think you and your comedic friends are exceptional performers with a quick wit, but i don't understand how anyone could find humor from a skit that sets up a scenario of a student having a gun in a classroom given the matter. perhaps, i'm not being fair because i couldn't even get through the whole episode, but i just wanted to share with you my feelings on this episode because i found it in poor taste. i don't consider myself someone who is easily offended, but i couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of the skits. sorry i couldn't get into it, apparently everyone else could and maybe i just missed what you were going for.
  12. prestonsinfield

    Episode 126 — Godzilla with Laser Nipples

    hey pongo, i suppose you're right in regards to this not being the forum to bring up my feelings towards that episode of improv4humans. i didn't join to bash them, but i suppose the issue got me motivated enough to want to discuss it and i choose the wrong place to do it. i'll take my thoughts there and appreciate you 'calling me out'. thanks for the heads up.
  13. prestonsinfield

    Episode 126 — Godzilla with Laser Nipples

    hey guys, i finally registered as an earworlf 'personality' and wanted to say how much i enjoy your show. although, i don't follow sports quite so much anymore because i come from a city that lives vicariously through its football team (pittsburgh steelers), i still enjoy your sense of humor and guests, so i try and never miss an episode. anyway, the real reason i finally got around to establishing myself on your forum is so i could commend you for your sensitivity towards the tragedy of sandy hook elementary. the fact that you opted out of reporting a story that had little relevance to the recent tragedy in connecticut in comparison to your counterparts of 'improv 4 humans' shows your exceptional moral value as humans and i thank you for your sensitivity. sure, anything can be funny in a certain context and with due time, but i felt the show that besser and his guests put on just less than 24 hours after one of the worst tragedies in american history was rather tasteless. i tried getting through their whole episode, but found myself tapping the square box less than half way through based on the lack of compassion they obviously possess as heartfelt individuals. i know they tried using that episode as a comedic 'challenge' against gun control, but feel they really missed the mark. perhaps, i should be expressing these views on their forum, but i don't care to cause a ruckus amongst their fans. i really just want to say that i respect you guys as comedians and more so as sympathetic individuals. i'm somewhat surprised earwolf allowed their episode to float along the sound waves, but regardless am glad to have heard your show afterwards. keep doing what you're doing and consider me a fan who appreciates humor in the right light. like my boy mccartney says... all the best, dave