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  1. tittefan420

    Episode 372 - Don't Stop or We'll Die

    the michael jackson song was really funny and it stuck in my head... Oooh girl!
  2. tittefan420

    Episode 350 - LIVE from DCM 20 Pt. 1

    Yesssss!!!! The magic is here in this one. Ian + Matt + Matt, and everyone else is golden too. Thanks for the belly laughs...Classic.
  3. another classic! elf-reindeer and pokemon scenes had me cacklin' thanks, you guys. my favorite episodes tend to get better upon a second, sometimes third listening
  4. tittefan420

    Episode 326 - Lana Del Rey's New Hit Song

    Superb episode!!! Awesome chemistry. Don... I just love him. I've watched every youtube of his improv team "Fuck That Shit", and I cackle with laughter. Thanks to all.... I4H has been on a roll the last few weeks, in my opinion. When the magic is happening it all just seems to flow.
  5. tittefan420

    Episode 325 - The Comaterium

    Andy's my fave... besides Ian and Matt of course.
  6. tittefan420

    Episode 308 - Hard Knocks

    this one is really unique and i like it.
  7. tittefan420

    Episode 303 - The Auditions

    LEMME GET IN THERE!!!!! legendary
  8. Ian takes it to another level. Whenever an episode has Ian or Andy Daly, I get so excited!
  9. Andy's the best! Thanks, fellas.
  10. thank you all!! i look forward to the new episode of I4H each week, and it always delivers. just hearing ian's voice begin to talk and i'm already giggling.
  11. tittefan420

    Episode 269 - Remember 1980?

    Andy is my all time favorite besides Ian and the Matts of course. Golden.
  12. this episode is really wonderful! i've listened to almost all of them, and this is definitely an all-time favorite. good chemistry and everyone was on...lots of "conceptual continuity" as frank zappa would say. great stuff, thanks matt!
  13. tittefan420

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    just wanted to say... huge UCB (original show) fanboy... i just recently started getting into improv4humans over the last month or so... while ian roberts is still my favorite guest , i gotta say, the 3 guys in the gun control episode strike me as some of the funniest ive heard in this context. the gun control wasnt my favorite show, but there's a lot of mojo with this group. gold stars all around!