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  1. Mr Sark

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Haha yeah, forgotten NPC's, continuity errors, and rushed finales are definitely symptoms of a marked lack of time. I too am excited to see what Blaine cooks up for the party! Brian & I are sorting out when a post-mortem chat could happen. All the questions posed so far in this thread have at least partial answers in my notebook. Unfortunately my *baby-classes are on Tuesday evenings (the traditional Nerd Poker recording night) so it may be a little while. I'll be doing a final pass on the 'Ask Sark' thread here in the forums sometime in the next couple of days so if you have any questions leave 'em in there! Thanks for listening all these weeks! You guys are great ~S http://gyazo.com/8881e00fe6f3ba8ce677efa19767e1a0 *I don't want to miss a class because I KNOW the week I don't go will be the one where they teach how best to cook an infant.
  2. Mr Sark

    Character Drawings

    Insane. You're all insane. You should be committed to a special asylum for artists where we give you artistic-pills and you are chained to easels and are forced to draw shit. I'm placing you all under arrest. *I just hit my limit of 'likes' for the day goddammit. Slow down with the awesome plz.
  3. Mr Sark

    Episode 57 — Saving Trondoor

    We're just playing for fun. The podcast was a good excuse for us to get back together after we hadn't played in a while. Wouldn't mind if it turned a dime someday but as it stands right now, priority-wise, it suffers from all the usual hangups that a normal D&D game suffers. Sick days. Day jobs and other gigs. Family stuff. Could be seen as adding to the realism
  4. Mr Sark

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    I always expect Blackie to 'light it up'. Fortunately these Dwarves hate pansies. Blackie has once again accidentally raised the party's stock. But sometimes a rough & tumble bunch, like these mountain dwarves, can be a pain to associate with.
  5. Mr Sark

    Questions for Sark

    Yeah, I've been working in videogame media for nearly 10yrs, and recently went independent with my own YouTube channel. That vid is one of my buddy's GTA videos. I realized when I read your post I didn't have a link to my YouTube channel in my profile so I've added that below. Pretty goofy stuff,
  6. Mr Sark

    Questions for Sark

    Yep. I love freaking myself out. Sort of a rush, actually.
  7. Mr Sark

    Questions for Sark

    Glad you're enjoying! I'm actually surprised we've kept this campaign going for as long as we have considering how crazy the last couple years have been for the party (irl). Should be a good fight when these guys catch up to this old fucker.
  8. Mr Sark

    Questions for Sark

    I appreciate the invite! We actually listened to a Hob The Troll song one of these weeks before recording. Between my YouTube channel, Nerd Poker, and my recently announced Baby Sark, I may have to take a rain check until my days are in something resembling order but again, I truly appreciate it!
  9. Mr Sark

    Questions for Sark

    Since it extended clear through the mass of corpses I could treat either end as a sort of mirror image. So, I had the top floors drawn up, I had the floor where they docked drawn up, I had about 8 floors sketched out for myself to cover any stops along the ascent/descent of the tower, and in case those were exhausted I had another 10 single line descriptions of ideas for other rooms/events. I wish I had time to draw the whole thing up. Probably could've made the tower scenario more engaging rather than seemingly never-ending. But that's the way it goes.
  10. Mr Sark

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    I think being able to read these forums is a cool source of bonus perspectives for the party I'm thinking of the tower like it's Cerebro, and the Necromancer is Professor X. He sent some final, large scale orders out before the tower crashed. For now his influence has been reduced to what he can narrowly focus on, and his energy spent is much higher. But Bahamut help the crew if this dude is able to construct another 'antenna'.
  11. Mr Sark

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    I love this rule clarification. The changes happened as soon as I read the first of your posts!
  12. Mr Sark

    Character Drawings

    Wow.... Wow. This thread. Wow.
  13. Mr Sark

    Character Drawings

    Holy shit. The awesome just keeps on coming.
  14. Mr Sark

    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    Yeah no doubt this was a little loose but here's the airlock dets (keep in mind I learned everything I know about airlocks from Event Horizon, The Abyss, and 2001... with a dash of Wikipedia.) I though it would be interesting if, as an additional safety feature, entrance to an airlock was via a short teleport rather than a bulkhead, especially an executive airlock. The controls to the airlock were up in the bridge (the room with the viewport adjacent to the necromancer's quarters) and Blackee would've had the best chance to operate them, but he was off in the skiff (He caught a lot of crap from the party while he was away, but I honestly I think he saved the day). I thought about having the means by which the airlock was opened be the necromancer actually blasting an underling out into space everytime he wanted it open, but as entertaining as he might find that, it seemed pretty unreliable and tedious. The escape ship was not always docked outside, I had unvisited areas of the tower set aside as internal docking bays where ships could be reeled in and not be damaged by dangling outside on an external docking area when the Tower made an FTL jump (probably doesn't actually matter since the ship isn't technically accelerating but whatevs). Would've been interesting if the party had made off with the executive escape craft. Hahaha. On a vessel as big as the tower though, stumbling across some of these spots was pretty low. As far as the party's relatively easy crossing... I do wish I'd had Blackee roll a bit more for that precision ship alignment BUT I gave it to them with low-risk for two reasons. 1- They put the time in to the planning, which was good role-playing. 2- Like qrter said above, I just wanted them off that goddamned tower. Thanks for the comments! "It keeps me sharp, on the edge, where I gotta be!" - Vincent Hanna
  15. Mr Sark

    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    I'm never too scared to gig a player BUT I gave it to them with low-risk because they spent the time planning. May not make for the best podcast episode, but I'm role-playing that we're not podcasting!