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    being into BUCKAROO BANZAI.BLADE RUNNER.REAL GENIUS and BLAZING SADDLES will probably get my attention..
  1. JobianDay

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    Is Kazaam essentially a story about a white kid who gets a slave?
  2. JobianDay

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    That was a really good call.
  3. JobianDay

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    MORE: The two sided Zardoz mask that the Exterminators wore is essentially the same as the mask from the Village of the Crazies in GymKata
  4. JobianDay

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    OH -- AND: Friend does the fucking awesomest job at selling the worst ad lib lyric poem for the girls in the bread room and they fucking die for it then he puts his hands up in a way that we do today. this was 4o years ago.. not bad.
  5. JobianDay

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    Stuff from Zardoz that needs to be shouted-out. I had seen five seconds of this and “the apple” at a hipster bar night like 14 years ago and I have tried to figure out what it was (not too much clearly,) but thanks for finally getting this super important disaster out there. PS Boormans son is in the best reality adventure show ever made. The Tabernacle is essentially Google or Siri. This movie is actually a man’s attempt at helping feminism. That as stupid as all the hand gestures were - the play-alongy improv type shit they did making the weird barking and noises actually works. It does (albeit in a way that makes one shudder) work.. the real movie here was Fynn’s journey to being Zardoz . Sean Connery is the WRONG type of sexy for the character in that Zardoz actually seems like a strong verile genetic character .. and Connery is like a super lothario hair and Hawaiin Tropic style greasy .. There are like at least 5 concepts here that are pretty bold to have put in a movie like this .. One being that women are oppressed by men- and that it’s wrong. Two - Genetics and computers will build a class of elite apart from Human devopment Three - that food and luxury is often built on the back of slavery four: violence is what restrains humanity and cleanses it - and five : that the old and elderly are useless burdens on the youth - only kept around by neccessity . This movie is fucking ambitious and over the top. I love it ..and so much awesome inner side boob. ugh it's great .. and SOAPY TITS!!? like it's givin you everything. Thanks again Jobian Day.
  6. JobianDay


    also I am a retard. after posting this garbage hammered the other night I went to sleep watching a PBS documentary on DaVinci .. which was largely based on his patron: Swartze.. it's not yiddish racism .. I am just a fucking asshole . responsibility accepted!
  7. JobianDay


    Also -- Joel Silver -- BUT THIS IS NO "FAIR GAME" this movie sucks.
  8. JobianDay


    1. Who gives a fuck if it pays off later -- the intro makes no sense. 2. Hawk has been in jail for ten years - his same old coat is clearly new. 3. The jail release is like a retarded version of Jake's release in the Blues Brothers 4. "Smooch the ground, and taste the FREEDOM!" 5. Aiello - "No Tounge" and his figure shit.. wtf. 6. "What's Nintendo?" 7. The "Cappucino" he gets is in a Greek Cup 8. Strong social message of New York Gentrification at "Five Tone CLub" 9. They shoot the cup. I have to stop watching. Other HDTGM people .. continue this.
  9. JobianDay


    Holy shit. Hudson Hawk starts off RACIST!! amazing.
  10. JobianDay

    Episode 75.5 — Minisode 75.5

    "No one gets shot on Ocean Drive - too ritzy"
  11. JobianDay

    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    simple for tees?
  12. JobianDay

    Episode 75.5 — Minisode 75.5

    Holy Shit!! I just got done with Fair Game -- FUCKING INCREDIBLE !!!! - Eyeline problems with Cindy's ass ( Nick Tortelli especially ) - Billy sucking on his cigar - The KGB team -- REPEATEDLY BEING LIKE "IS THIS GUY AN IDIOT" CINDY CRAWFORD FUCKING SPREAD ON THE HOOD OF A CAR WHILE WE HAVE A BILLY BALDWIN PUMPING ASS-SHOT.. !!! THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST HDTGM MOVIE SO FAR...
  13. JobianDay

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    About the Scientology stuff- I remember watching either Extra or Access Hollywood and the interview was based on the premise of how Will is a father to Jayden and Will spent most of the bit talking about how his approach to parenting is that he is essentially cool with whatever his kids want to do so long as they can justify their behavior- I think his quote was "if you can tell me why this is a good idea - then it's fine" unreal.
  14. JobianDay

    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    This isn't a logo per se...
  15. JobianDay

    After Earth

    M. Night. is the king of the No-Payoff.