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  1. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    I believe she was brought along to the second pontoon and then was forgotten about and likely left to drown when that pontoon sank. I think they may have disregarded her as soon as they decided not to use the corpses they found to add buoyancy to their "rafts".
  2. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 7 — Follow the Whispers

    You could reincarnate Ell Ryan as something hilarious.
  3. Kronos_Deftone

    Character Drawings

  4. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    Good times were had by all. The awkward part of the story is the funny part. I don't have problem being a nerd and I enjoy manufacturing awkward situations. That being said; this situation was a happy accident that turned out really great.
  5. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 7 — Follow the Whispers

    I wonder what kind of character Gerry is going to roll-up next. Suggestion: While it may not translate well over a podcast; a bard-mime could be hilarious to role play and hear described.
  6. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    When I speak of racism in regards to D&D I'm talking about the clearly mapped racial tensions/hate between the actual races of the D&D universe. The hate between Dwarves and Orcs, for example. These racial tensions are clearly listed in the description of each playable race. They exist to generate turmoil between diametrically-opposed player characters and create role playing opportunities that enrich the story environment by creating new challenges to players and GM's alike. Also, before I began the story, the point that I was trying to make was to keep real-world racism out of the game. In this case my character was role playing his hate for the largely evil subterranean race known as the Drow, who are not of African-decent but who's skin tone is quite literally pitch black. I unfortunately utilized a racial slur that has roots in the real world while there was a member the offended race in the room, unbeknownst to me, creating an awkward situation. The humour in the story comes from the response of my friends to my ill-timed use of a perfectly reasonable slur against an imaginary race. Furthermore; if the guy that was in the room got the joke/understood the RP, laughed, and took no offence from my completely innocent slur against that imaginary race, why should anybody else take offence from the story? For an entertaining take on racial profiling in D&D, and maybe some remedial education about the game, you can check out "Dungeon Bastard" on Youtube. You won't even have to try to read.
  7. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    Great episode. Loved the cliff-hanger ending. I just wanted to make a quick point about D&D/role playing: Racism belongs in D&D. Racism is to D&D as ketchup is to french fries. Anyone who's ever played knows that in-game racism adds so much RP flavour to the game that to avoid it would make for a boring campaign. It's just probably better if they stick to D&D racial slurs and avoid any real-world racism on account of people not knowing how to take a joke anymore. I'll reference last years rape fiasco on that point as this is very much a public game. That being said; I thought it was hilarious when they were recapping the "Pickle-loving Jackie Chan" character and Brian was embarrassed to do his racially insensitive Asian impression/Jackie Chain voice. I think embarrassing white people with racially-skewed public awkwardness is one of the most hilarious things you can pull. That reminds me of a racially-skewed public awkward D&D situation I had about a year ago: I was playing with a group in the back corner of a comic book store and I was sitting with my back to the door and the rest of the store. I was playing a Human Paladin and one of the guys in the group was playing a Chaotic/Neutral Drow Bard. The bard had just done something incredibly foolish and (as far as my character was concerned) morally reprehensible and (in character and in my outside voice) I shouted "YOU BLACK BASTARD!" expecting uproarious laughter, but the entire group (of white guys) got really quiet and looked down at their character sheets. What I didn't know (because my back was turned away from the rest of the store) was that the only black guy that I have -to this day- ever seen in the store was standing directly behind me. Luckily, he was also a nerd, had been listening to the game, knew that my buddy was a Drow, and that I was referring to the character and not to him and started laughing. But for about two seconds I thought the guys I was rolling with were going to shit their pants, and that was one of the greatest awkward pauses I have ever been part of.
  8. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 5 — Shipwrecked

    Some ideas I had for the name of the past adventures segment: "Past Adventures Segment" "Brian Posehns Rape Fantasy Minute" "Nerd Poker Lore" "Nerd Poker Presents: Sweatin' to the Oldies" "Nerd Poker Presents: Remember that Time..." "Memories of Parties Past" "Nerd Poker Presents: Precious Moments" "Nerd Poker Presents: How to Party-wipe" "Nerd Poker Presents: Fucking Up Your DM in 3 Easy Steps" "Telling Stories While Everyone Else Hits a Bong" "Nerd Poker Story Time" You're welcome in advance.
  9. Kronos_Deftone

    Episode 5 — Shipwrecked