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  1. I don't think I've seen Jeff Hiller on any best guests lists, but every single episode he's on he's the highlight (though he had a run for his money with Lauren this episode). I can't think of a single musical guest on an Earwolf show I flat out didn't like (but that doesn't mean there hasn't been one), and this was no different. I dug them. I love I4H though rarely have laugh out loud moments. Don't need them to enjoy comedy. This show was a gem, however. Nonstop laughter. This show is fucking free. Thanks Besser.
  2. reptar

    Episode 120 — Wild Horses

    5 humans? I've only listened to the first 20 minutes of the episode but I was wondering why one of the guests was indiscernible - it was actually two people. Guess I missed something in the intro. Whoops.
  3. reptar

    Episode 264 — Creating A Krolliverse

    good fucking episode Scott, Kroll, Slater. good work
  4. reptar

    Episode 261 — Nubile Agape

    I don't play Dungeons and Dragons. I don't care about Dungeons and Dragons. But when she was making fun of Brian's podcast DURING THE COMMERCIAL on Analyze Fish...welp. Not paying any attention to what she has to say. Just a dick thing to do. I don't even care how cool it makes you to pick on nerds! At least we got two all time best-ofs in three weeks. That's gotta be a record.
  5. dream team. great fucking episode.
  6. reptar

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    best episode of 2014 while voting for 2013 is still happening. I love this goddamn show.
  7. reptar

    Episode 256 — Raw Copera

    What's this about? Really incredible episode. Brendon Small is so fucking funny. And James Adomian. Fuck. One of the best improvisors ever.
  8. reptar

    "... and scene"

    For sure. The music fade-in is the best of both worlds.
  9. reptar

    Episode 107 — Slime Boy

    Ecstasy is almost as much fun as I4H
  10. reptar

    VPN with Zach Woods

    Listened to every single episode. This was the best one. This one.
  11. reptar

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    I'm sorry Scott =(. I genuinely appreciate all that you do.
  12. reptar

    Episode 105 — Zombie Lisp

    The poster thing was weird. The milk thing was very dismissive. Rarely do you hear a guest do anything but awkwardly come up with ways to support Matt. EDIT: Matt, we've all heard how you talk to your call-in guests. The car radio bit, however, was a best of all time scene. Great episode.
  13. Thursday's live show had her on it, so presumably that will be the show going up this week. EDIT: Welp, maybe next week!
  14. Check out this week's I4H. Molly is on it, and she's great!
  15. So Scott showed up at Earwolf Studios this time?
  16. so let's go over this one more time to make sure we're all on the same page
  17. reptar

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    I want Andy Daly to be my dad.
  18. reptar

    What's bothering you?

    It's really fucking infuriating sitting at an intersection waiting to turn and some dipshit doesn't turn his blinker on until it's too late.
  19. reptar

    Episode 102 — Satan's Face

    Nah, Matt was straight up being a dick. A weird, weird dick.
  20. I didn't get that at all from them. They spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out where his confusion came from.
  21. I just put two-and-two together and realized where I recognized that daddy long legs guy. That's Flula. His Youtube channel is a comedy channel. Y'alls fell for the joke. English is not his native language, and he makes light of that.
  22. Matt is spot on with his assessment of how people at large see improv. I mean, I listened to CBB for fucking years and I still wasn't convinced I4H was going to be any good (until I checked out an episode out of curiosity and saw the light).
  23. reptar

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    Scott has really incredible musicians on. I think I've become a fan of most of them after their appearances. No exception here. EDIT: What's up with the Wikipedia page claiming Neko thought Scott was confrontational? It all sounded like good fun to me.