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  1. PersonMan82

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Can we edit that out?
  2. "It's too long. It got into my butt." Stupid hair. I hate when that happens.
  3. Preparation H Raymond!!!
  4. The only thing missing from this episode was a phone call from Pamela from Big Bear.
  5. PersonMan82

    EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally

    No Marion Cotillard or Eva Green? I kid, I kid. Great list of French people. Did anyone get the last one? Lauren's saying something about a person in the bathtub? Went way over my head, if I'm being honest. BOBBY LEE!
  6. PersonMan82

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    Hey Claudia, when are you, Al and Scott going to come out with that e-mail/Computer SAC directory?
  7. I'd take one of his high-pitched sniping "What?!"
  8. PersonMan82

    Episode 292 — DJs Are Sleaze Js

    I would totally watch The Bored I Jenny Be. Pamela Landeed! That's gold, Jerry. Gold!
  9. PersonMan82

    Episode 183.5 — 6/6/14 TWO CHARTED 122

    "So. How old are you?" "WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?" Hat tip to Ram Hand for that one. That was hilarious.
  10. Next week's episode is going to be Farts & Procreation 4. Dare to dream.
  11. PersonMan82

    Episode 158 — Film Composing

    Anyone seen Under The Skin? That score blew me away. That and The Grand Budapest Hotel both had killer scores.
  12. PersonMan82

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Armen might fit with a different podcast. He does not work for me. Just ruins the flow and his stammering uncertainty is just horrible to listen to. I'd like Kulap to have a couple-person rotation like Howard does, where she can have a few replacement How-Hows (hopefully non-Armen ones).
  13. PersonMan82

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    Lesley did almost nothing for me until she did the "Ernest getting electrocuted" sound effect and I completely laughed hysterically for what felt like a minute or two and completely redeemed herself. Loved this movie as a kid, I guess I still think that sound is hilarious.
  14. PersonMan82

    Episode 174 — Losing Our Chartginity

    That Nirvana discussion was funny as hell. How How: "His nose is out in the yard... that's a little graphic." Emily: "Jesus!" This episode was a blast and lasted over an hour and a half. A rarity. Also, their new non-animal Noah movie needs to be called Noah Dogs Allowed.
  15. PersonMan82

    Episode 279 — Reverse April Fools

    "That sounds like a game show. Poke The Shell." Lauren is the goddamned best!