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  1. So I'm not going to go around like a madman say Nick Cage is a good actor... But oddly enough his pformance in Adaptation is fantastic! Anyway not much point to this post than to convince people to see Adaptation
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    Can you please drop a Trent Houser pun on the podcast win his voice?
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    I'm Still Here

    The amazingly confusing mocumentary following Joaquin Phoenix's self destruction and his attempts at building a rap career.
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    Episode 107 — Rock Your Brody

    I may be wrong and for all I know Brody may have been kidding but to me it sounded like he was being serious... I found his comments on being "10%" gay to be really offensive. Again maybe it was tongue and cheek but if so I couldn't tell. And I'm not sure if I'm the only one to think is but can we have a moratorium on all the LA geography discussion which is neither informative nor comedic to anyone who lives outside California