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    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    there was maybe 30 car flips in this movie which is a lot yet somehow not enough
  2. angrykirby

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    I Dont think Vin Diesel was actually there for a bunch of that scene toward the end at the picnic(get together whatever). The insane giant headed Rock shot I feel like was a bad composite job because in the next shot their heads are not as crazy out of proportion. Also that weird standing next to each other not looking thing? Also When blond lady talks to Vin Diesel in that scene I swear they took one frame of him with a dumb expression on his face and used it for easily 2 minutes. He doesn't move at all. If you watch the movie pay attention to this it will blow your mind. The alternative is he was there with a stupid looking grin and didnt move at all standing perfectly still not blinking while she acted at him. The computers in this movie are so wonderfully dumb. They have red lettering on a black background which is awful to read. They beep and boop like star trek computers. Another poster said it actually said "cross referencing" when Luda did a search on it. Which I didnt catch but I totally believe happened. What the fuck is with this shit still being in movies We all know what computers look & sound like by now! The ever present shifting-up or foot to the floor shot when already at full speed which makes no sense because you should already be in top gear with your foot to the floor if in the middle of a high speed chase. I thought this movie was not as good as the last one. Way too much talking. If you wanna talk get in the car and yell to each other while driving. I dont think there was a real action scene in the first 20 minutes. Also I never quite understood what was going on with the bad guys like what they had just done or were going to do and why we care that they are stopped. That british guy rape scene was so weird why wouldnt they cut after "we'll need the pants too" that is the joke. Actually watching the guy take off his pants was soo violating and awkward like if the rock had thrown that guy to the ground and fucked him it wouldnt have seemed out of place by the point the scene ended at. That british guy was like a cartoon character standing in front of British landmarks as he talked down to them. I think the rock was hungry at the beginning of this movie he kept saying things like grilled and smoked and cookies. Dom walked out of that Plane crash like he was the terminator. I bet When the rock holds a gun to faces he wants to lift one eyebrow soo bad but I bet if he ever makes his eyebrows uneven for one second he owes vince mcmahon a million dollars The next movie the baby should drive a car.
  3. angrykirby

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

    "Stop or My Mom Will Shit" was a terrible sequel
  4. angrykirby

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

    Bonobos more like Boyesbos
  5. angrykirby

    Episode 58 — In The Name of The King

    I cant believe youde start with this Boll movie In The name of the King is a Goddamn masterpiece in comparison to Bloodrayne and house of the dead which looks like it was shot in someones backyard from 30 feet away. The weird thing about Bolls career to me is he briefly started making good movies for a little while. after he made some bad but almost good movies like postal and stoic he made Rampage which is a genuinely great movie. Then he made a Darfur movie which was pretty good too. But then he decided to make a movie about Auschwitz and it was really bad. Not funny bad just offensive and lousy bad. He wanted to do a holocaust horror movie which might have worked if he put a lot of effort into it but he just got lazy and cheap so theres just like 20 minutes in the middle of cheaply shot holocaust recreation and its sandwiched between insulting interviews of German kids not knowing shit about the holocaust and footage of hitler smiling at kids?! Boll himself plays a Nazi in it and defended his decision by saying it wasnt like he played hitler. But then in his next movie HE DID PLAY HITLER. Anywhoo so Yeah after Darfur he went back to sucking. Bloodrayne 3 and Blubberella are unwatchable Garbage. Blubberella is about a fat woman fighting nazis it feels like watching a blooper reel with zero editing. Anyway so it's weird that he managed to write and direct a great movie in Rampage and a few good movies but everything else hes done is such insane crap. House of the dead Id suggest if youre gonna do another of his movies because its soo crazy awful. most of the movie is edited in such a way its like looking at a strobe-light and no continuity like a guy will be stuck in a door but then he gets free but then hes stuck again in the next shot and when they shoot zombies they cut to video game footage like it was place holder footage that they never replaced. im rambling
  6. angrykirby

    Episode 54.5 — Minisode 54.5

    Cool I Made Paul Scheer Laugh. Stuff like thats why the internet is so fucking awesome. I Couldn't believe Cosmopolis didnt get nominated for any razzies It was by far the worst movie of last year. Bad Acting, Bad Cgi, Bad Dialogue and Boring. The dialogue sounds like it was translated from another language. Robert Pattinson has a New York Accent sometimes randomly. The Plot was really simple but they try to make it all vague. Scenes are edited out of order like the Pet Shop scene from The Room. Really weird bad movie. Might make a funny episode of How Did this Get Made.
  7. Timothy Green is Clearly Satan come to earth to give these parents all of their dreams and then take them away from Them Or give them a literal translation of what they want, that isn't what they actually want, much like the Character Wishmaster from the godawful wishmaster movies (who may also be satan Im not sure I half watched them on cable) For example the winning goal but for the wrong team and that they Get their dream son only for him to Die. Oh Yeah He also Emerges from the ground after making the rain shoot back into the sky. The parents sort of got what they dreamed of but I believe the devil now owns their souls. Who was this movie for?! It seems fairly grounded in reality except the leaf boy. If it's more for adults then whys everyone so quick to be ok with the crazy things in this movie and if its more for kids Why is their talk of adoption politics and pencil factories. Also Why did no body bring up that this movie is in slo motion half the time. Every single time the friend girl comes on screen the movie goes into slow motion for the first hour. I feel like this movie had 20 montages. Oh and What about when the parents said that They wouldnt take him to a doctor because shots hurt and medicine tastes bad?! This is a legitimate Reason to avoid hospitals?! These Stupid People Should never be given kids. Oh and No One from the adoption ever checks to see if any of this crap is true like What if these two assholes made up this whole story about their son that grew from a box?! They should be in a mental facility not given a child. And they were too lazy to fill in the boxes on their adoption forms? like this isn't a survey about if you liked a new brand of gummy worms it's about trying to gain custody over another human being. You can't bother to write a few sentences in a box Youre probably Not going to be the best parent This form is pretty important. ALSO THE DAD DIDNT SING LOW RIDER CORRECTLY seriously there's What maybe 6 lines in that song and he sang two of them out of order and skipped ahead God damnit. Another poster said this movie didnt earn the emotions it was trying to get and I completely agree There is a really nice scene Where Timothy and friend ride a bike until she drops him off in the middle of nowhere but the scene doesn't work because we haven't spent enough time with Timothy to feel like He earned that scene. The movie is too focused on the parents and I think It might have been alot better if we spent the time following Tim more. And then That town hall meeting Jesus Christ What a Cluster Fuck Theirs an argument over Pencil Credit but it seems either way the company is stealing the idea from whoever came up with it. Also at the beginning when the kid breaks into their house no one grabs a weapon? They never really question him after they initially are told he's from the box. What if he had run away from home and you have just convinced yourselves that he came from a Box? They really should have done a little bit more to make sure they hadnt kidnapped a child. Oh by the way they live on a giant fucking farm yet they are not farmers and have no animals What the fuck is that about? Oh yeah and also How about the whole CGI leafs thing? Sometimes the leafs are CGI but fucking WHY? How goddamned hard is it to glue a few leafs to a kids legs.
  8. angrykirby

    Episode 53 — Anaconda

    Anaconda is a terrible movie but Ice Cube hits a giant snake in the head with a hatchet then calls him "bitch" so its also the best movie Did You Notice that Jon Voight is never really in the same frame as anyone else The few times he's not isolated in frame its clearly a stand in. He mustve been Like "I aint traveling fucking anywhere just shoot me in front of a green screen at the studio near my house and figure it out in post."