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    Hey everyone. I'm new here. I'm Chad. Enjoyed viewing the forum for a while and decided to join. Also thought I would share my podcast network with you. I run a company called Follow Networks. Currently we produce 5 podcasts, 1 of which is on break. If you like funny and pop culture, I suggest checking out Mad Chat which is the pod that made us set up the company. We also do Instant Film Review, a movie conversation pod that includes some good humor and movie talk. It's at www.followthe.tv. Obviously they are all on iTunes. Search Follow Networks. Hopefully you'll check them out. We have some big plans for 2013, including some event appearances and a live events. Thanks for all the inspiration.
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    Always listen to the following: Nerdist Hollywood Babble-On Mad Chat with Matt and Chad Instant Film Review FEaB Comedy Bang Bang Hey! Kickstart This! Listen to occasionally: Who Charted How Did This Get Made This American Life Smart Passive Income Podcast