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    Episode 52 — sup /b/

    What a pointless, shallow, amateur, annoying interview and interviewer. The whole thing was a modern Chris Farley interview with you rehashing old events listed on the 4chan wikipedia page and then giggling about them. Was anything insightful or new discussed? Did you ever provide a coherent question without changing it then interrupting and answering it yourself? Did you ever consider how stupid it is to watch videos with your guest that the viewer can't see? Did you do any serious research whatsoever other than the first page of google results? Why did you ask so many questions you were eager to show you already knew the answer to? Geeking out is fine if you can be professional but you were absolutely insufferable.
  2. flatulent fashion figure

    Episode 202 — Philip Traumatic Seymour Disorder

    This begs the question- why are you advertising that you're desperate for listener opinions in every show now when you often get defensive about things on the forum? It's your company, your show and your forum, but if the rule is that people shouldn't voice anything other than favorable reactions you need to state that in the rules. You did the same thing when people had some negative reactions to Wompler appearance; you responded by accusing everyone of being sexist. People are giving empassioned reactions to a portion of your show, as you've requested and in keeping with the pupose of a forum, and your snapping at them.
  3. flatulent fashion figure

    Episode 90 — Live at SF Sketchfest

    That was rough. Tig and the gang are pros but it was unpleasant hearing them lose the audience for long periods and then hearing the first comedian bomb hard. Figured San Fran would be more receptive to the magic of PBO. They never gave it a fair chance.
  4. flatulent fashion figure

    Episode 88 — American History Pt. II

    Hilarious episode! Love the text talk. Random thoughts: I think David is gettig really annoyed at being interrupted and ignored constantly. Kyles niece would make a funny guest on an episode about being a child. Sascha delivers facts in a way that sounds more like a highschooler delivering a hastily written report to their class than a lavishly educated history expert. I have no idea if what she's saying is true but I believed it all.
  5. flatulent fashion figure

    Episode 86 — Conspiracies

    TIL Janeane Garofalo has gone completely crazy and is pointlessly argumentative.