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  1. Old plugs bag theme >>>
  2. Accidentally listened to this at like one quarter speed
  3. Sajizzle

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    I miss the old plug bag song
  4. Sajizzle

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    That was legitimately one of the most satisfying ends to a story I've heard of any kind.
  5. Sajizzle

    Episode 543 - The 9th Anniversary Show!

    EntrΓ©e P. Neuer saying "car" destroyed me.
  6. Sajizzle

    EPISODE 255 β€” An All New Era

    I love New Charted!
  7. Sajizzle

    EPISODE 252 β€” The Mugging Mugger

    Kulap is so great.
  8. Sajizzle

    EPISODE 239.5 β€” 7/03/15 TWO CHARTED 178

    This is peak podcasting on the level of Staind Glass. I suggest next week's Ku Chart is a countdown the five most insane moments of this episode please.
  9. Sajizzle

    EPISODE 231.5 β€” 5/08/15 TWO CHARTED 170

    Only like 12 minutes into this, but I'm glad you made this show, and thanks for it. I am also weirded out by how affecting that Wiz Khalifa song is.
  10. Sajizzle

    EPISODE 221 β€” A Tribute To Harris Wittels

    Thanks Kulap, Howard, Stard and interns. I was both dreading and looking forward to this, and 60 seconds in, shit, waterworks. But the rest of it will be amazing. RIP HareBear
  11. Sajizzle

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    The best part was immediately after this when Scott reacted with mock surprise that Harris actually listens to the show and Harris goes into a genuine spiel about how much he actually loves the show. He was like everyone's brother.
  12. Sajizzle

    Episode 250 β€” Podcast Silence

    Yeah, like Carlos Mencia!
  13. Sajizzle

    Episode 137 β€” Gender Rolls

    Not gonna lie, I rewound the Frosted Flakes theme rendition like four times.
  14. Sajizzle

    Episode 64 β€” After Earth

    HE blew out the candle.
  15. "Do you have any secrets?" AMAZING
  16. Stephanie is fucking hilarious. Great show.
  17. Another rave review here for Fred. Great episode.
  18. Sajizzle

    Episode 120 β€” Live from SXSW 2013

    Anxiously awaiting the new Dragonboy Suede single "Psychosomatic Clench".
  19. Sajizzle

    Episode 96 β€” Character

    Fantastic episode!
  20. Sajizzle

    Episode 205 β€” Titans of Comedy

  21. Sajizzle

    Episode 199 β€” Garry Unmarried

    What's the byyyyline on Gillian's book? Jacobs or Bellows?
  22. Assalamu--alaikum Salmonella Rushdie, prepare to diet!
  23. Sajizzle

    Episode 193 β€” What Else? What Else?

    Gotta get the Belcher Family from Bob's Burgers on as guests.
  24. "This episode is gonna be LEGEN----wait for it---"(thirty seconds of silence).