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    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    A little pee just escaped I'm so excited to listen to this. It's okay though I'll either binder-clip it shut or have a second pair of pants ready. Sorry not sorry coworkers. Hastag Womp it up America.

    Episode 14 — Brian Huskey, Our Close Friend

    So happy The Green Fister is being fast-tracked. I'm fed up with all the anti-environment porn. It makes me sick to see a chick getting nailed for 45 minutes to an hour in the shower with the water running the whole time! Or when I see a dude smokin' another dude and in the background his computer and television is on! Or when a babe is getting fully serviced in the laundry room and the washer is set on the hot-hot cycle! It's about time people were made to feel guilty about their habits after they jerk off.

    Episode 13 — Andy Daly, Our Close Friend

    If Chanson and The Narnold haven't jerked your egos to completion yet, let me add that this episode did crack me up multiple times. Disk Tsk Tsk was so good I don't know if I'll ever been able to choose a favourite (Samoan spelling) segment. On a side note, what other podcasts do ya'll forumers listen to besides this and Prairie Home Companion?

    Episode 13 — Andy Daly, Our Close Friend

    Not personally, but I'm so excited for his reunion with Mondy Pythons because even though Ringo (arguably the best Pythons) died, those guys are still pee-in-your-trousers funny!

    Episode 13 — Andy Daly, Our Close Friend

    Of course. Being stuck in the time zone is a very scary place. I was trying to make my way into the funny zone, using the Showalter method of being quiet, but I messed up and now I'm here. You probably hear a lot of people say, "Not right now chef, I'm in the f**king zone!" at restaurants (if you've been to someplace that matters and know what those are). It's the same thing, sous-chefs get stuck in the time zone and they're trying to get out, but the boss chef is yelling at them and distracting. So that's where I am now, and I'll probably be here until I leave.

    Episode 13 — Andy Daly, Our Close Friend

    This is the first podcast I'm listening to here in Samoa!

    Episode 11 — Jake Fogelnest, Our Close Friend

    Mark Wahlberg and Kelsey Grammer were filming a movies sequel about transient farmers or something where I work. Wahlberg was super down-to-earth but Grammer made a weird non sequitur asking if I "shred powder". Didn't get it, just told him I don't ski. Also met Derek Rosenberg (changed to Derek Rose for marketing reasons) the basketsball star. If grumpy cat, keyboard cat, or sleeping dog that runs into wall aren't available, probably Edgar Wright. Grapple. In response to Ged, RSS had some "regular" people call-ins, but most of the guests were still their comedian/writer friends. But your point is valid in that what made RSS great was the genuineness with which the boys love reality shows, and how making fun of how stupid the shows and contestants on the shows are is so GD hilarious. I get that same feeling with the trailers segment of HH. I don't think think they should go back to reality shows though because there's more than enough material to poke fun at in movies industry. HH (happy holidays) everyone!

    Episode 11 — Jake Fogelnest, Our Close Friend

    I mean, I only saw the summary notes on the first page of the manuscript on Huskey's desk, but it mentioned that she died and then you divorced her because you were so sad and angry she died. I can only assume that since none of you have shirtless flexing selfie avatars that you have embarrassing garbage bodies.

    Episode 11 — Jake Fogelnest, Our Close Friend

    "Trollerblade", in which internet trolls are ACTUAL SCARY TROLLS and funny forum commenters must make funny internet comments and post them in a race against time to save Christmas and beat-up and destroy the trolls. They post from inside a roller rink where they were hanging out together. I want to see The Narnold play the roller dad, greggy be the edgy abused kid, and Chanson be the chubby comic relief kid. All other parts are open.

    Episode 11 — Jake Fogelnest, Our Close Friend

    Tanks for picking my insightful question. Fuglynuts had a lot to articulate on the subject. No tanks for butchering my username. Hint: It sounds like this and should make you hungry like this. ^That's a nod to some old dusty earwolf podcast from the glory days. Besides that major fuck-up, great podcast this week! I think the Golden Gloves made a huge blunder and accidentally switched drama and and musical/comedy headers on their press release!! That would explain how Rush, the sequel to Talladega Nights, got labeled a drama.

    Episode 10 — Kyle Newacheck, Our Close Friend

    Question for Mr. Fognestle: What do you think your part is in the "Third Wave" podcast movement and how do you deal with the internal Earlwolf politics? Follow-up: Does honey really come from bee butts?

    Episode 9 — Michael Showalter, Our Close Friend

    So when I heard the news yesterday something kept resonating in the back of my brain-skull. What was it?! It was your comment! Mr. Kim Jong-un is an anticipated guest on HH (maybe it has already been recorded?). Mr. Kim Jong-un just executed his uncle, one of the most powerful men in North Cornea, for being a womanizer and a traitor. Is he making room for Hayes and Sean in his administration? They've got to be sick of the comedy scene by now and politics is the obvious next move, and he'd be the person to reach out to, them being such good friends and all. Better question yet, did Sean and Hayes request the Uncle be "removed"?

    Episode 10 — Kyle Newacheck, Our Close Friend

    1. Frankie Muniz was in "Spy Kids". 2. We know there's a spy in the forums, and we know that C$H affectionately refer to themselves as 'the kids'. 2.5. The spy must have a link to Muniz! 3. Frankie Muniz is best known (in America) for his role in "Saving Mr. Agent Cody Banks". 3.5. The infil-traitor is Engineer Cody masquerading as some user in these forums! I'm asking too many questions of the wrong kind. I don't want to end up like one of the Whodunnit contestants - really actually not pretend dead. So I'm going dark for a while, off the grid. Except to check these message boards. **EDIT** My armchair theory has been debunked because Frankie Muniz wasn't actually in "Spy Kids" someone must have just planted that in my memory. Or I scrambled my brains this morning instead of my eggs!

    Episode 10 — Kyle Newacheck, Our Close Friend

    sean and hayes touched on mummies but they never really got into how friggin scary they can be. articulate on that.

    Episode 260 — Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    Pretty sure Wire Club was a collaboration between Omar and Snoop from The Wire and S Club 7. Check your sources buddy.