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    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    I know some people (Phish fans especially) will gripe about feeling duped, but i thought what they did with this was really funny. I never expected any more AP episodes, so the brief AP section that started the new episode was a nice bonus, and served as a proper coda to the previous episodes in the series. It actually reminded me of when 'Childrens Hospital' did their 'Party Down' ep, and everyone got super excited, only to find out (in true 'Childrens' fashion) that the 'Party Down' portion didn't come until the episode was already over, and lasted about 20 seconds. I think Earwolf has an awesome opportunity to make Analyze Phish just a template for a series of one-off episodes with Earwolf personalities trying to turn a skeptical colleague on to something that they are passionate about. Scott could host an episode trying to get someone into musical theater, the Sklars could do an episode trying to turn someone on to a great football game or March Madness or something, so on and so forth. I think the idea has serious potential beyond just Phish if they really wanted to do something with it.