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    Episode 50 — Chris Fealy of Nerdist

    Listened to this episode twice. Jeff, it's great to have you doing Wolf's Den again, and I hope you will find the right balance for yourself. -Erik
  2. ErikH2000

    What is like the Wolf Den?

    Answering my own question... The New Media Show is pretty damn good and covers similar topics/guests as Wolf's Den. It may seem in poor taste to post about a non-Earwolf "competitor" to Wolf's Den, but I don't think it takes away from WD in any way. And there's just not enough WD content to go around. Eagerly awaiting Jeff's next episode. -Erik
  3. ErikH2000

    No good forum for podcast producers?

    Yeah, I just hate seeing questions go unanswered on the Internet. It's like hearing the first part of the shave and a haircut song. Heh heh. To be honest, I got my answer by emailing Dave Jackson (School of Podcasting) host. Nice guy. -Erik
  4. ErikH2000

    No good forum for podcast producers?

    Answering my own question. (how sad) Google+ group for podcasters is pretty damn good. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/102333709604116814839 -Erik
  5. I guess there were some glory days for Podcast Alley. I remember Jeff U. talking with his web team on a Wolf Den episode about not trying to compete with Podcast Alley in forum content. Anyhow, PCA's forum has been dead for some time now. Similarly, Podcast Pickle forum is dead. Even when the software is working, the traffic is really low. I like Earwolf forums, but for whatever reason, it doesn't have a podcast producer focus. I'm posting in a catch-all board called "General Podcasting," for example. It's a no-fault statement: the traffic for people involved in podcast production seems pretty low on the Earwolf forum. Are there some other forums/mailing lists/whatsits where there is more activity and focus on producing podcasts? -Erik
  6. I am looking for a writer for a scripted comedy podcast (Machine Court - http://machinecourt.com ) which has run 19 weekly episodes so far. I'm currently writing 30-60 minutes of dialogue each week. I'm looking for somebody to write one piece that fits the show. And from that we'd see if it's a good match for regular work or more one-off projects. No experience necessary, but I'd like to see some comedy writing sample to get an idea of capabilities. This is unpaid work. What I have to offer is the benefit of working with a great cast of people and the creative comradery that comes with that. In addition we have been and will continue to track time of individual contributors as the basis of any future royalty deals (e.g. if we end up selling past seasons of the show.) The podcast is nothing big yet, but everybody takes it seriously and we've got plans to get the audience count higher. It's all very... semi-pro. I'm attaching the script from the last episode so you can get an idea of the writing. And hey, here's a link to the same show: http://seespacelabs....mented-reality/ If you like the show and want to join forces, then let's talk! Email me at ehermansen@seespacelabs.com -Erik Hermansen Machine Court - Season 2, Episode 5 Augmented Reality.pdf
  7. ErikH2000

    I need work!

    Steve, I'd like to talk, but I don't see a way to contact you. My email is ehermansen@seespacelabs.com . I may have spotted you on Facebook too, so I'll try sending you a message over there too.
  8. ErikH2000

    Episode 49 — The Mood of Podcasting

    I'm really happy Wolf's Den came back. I haven't been able to find any other show like it. I appreciate Jeff's personality a lot. He's tactful and polite, but also insistent on seeing things truthfully. The guests are really great. I've watched every show, some twice.
  9. ErikH2000

    I need work!

    Steve, are you voicing the narrator in the first clip?
  10. ErikH2000

    Best amplitude for podcasting?

    Brett, thanks for the advice. I understood most of what you said above, and changed my process a bit based on it. Since last, I padded a room and put my mics in there, enabling me to get rid of the porta-booth box and get closer to the mic. So my starting levels are much better now. I know I can get what I have to sound better, but I think I'm in the "good enough" zone for myself and most listeners. -Erik
  11. ErikH2000

    Episode 95 — Math

    First time listener. I was intrigued by the topics and mixing comedy in with discussion, so I thought I'd give it a try. But I thought the guest was treated rudely, and it made me not want to listen further. Interrupting him repeatedly with a Donald Trump impersonation a few times was a little funny, but it was taken too far. And then immediately after that, chattering away while the guest was talking. In general you gave the impression you were bored with him.
  12. ErikH2000

    Regular Radio Podcast (Comedy, Skit, Music Satire)

    Rob, I listened to episode 3. It's real good. Up there with Superego, in my opinion. How much adlib are you doing in the show vs scripted dialog? -Erik
  13. ErikH2000

    What is like the Wolf Den?

    Okay, I really do miss the Wolf Den. Why? It's like the missing link between small-time hobby podcasting and Hollywood-style entertainment biz. There's a bunch of podcasting shows about podcasting, but they cover a lot of bread-and-butter topics, like... where should I host my files? what microphone should I get? What Jeff is doing with Earwolf defies being put into reproducible advice that can be given to other people making podcasts. But here and there, I would catch a glimmer of something that seemed important--like it might be useful to me. For example, the Eardrop concept made me think about ways I could incorporate user-submitted audio into my show. Or for another example, I heard a guest on WD talking about SuperEgo's studio and how they put together content with a mix of script and improvisation. And it inspired my own thoughts on what I wanted to do. This kind of high-end, conceptual look at podcasting is not there on shows like School of Podcasting, Podcast Answer Man, Audacity to Podcast, or Art of Podcasting. Although I like a lot of these shows, and they still have things to teach me, they end up feeling a little mundane and hand-holdy. A lot of reassuring talk about how easy it is to start podcasting, set up a wordpress page, and fill in the proper ID3 tags on your MP3. So with all respect due to Jeff and Wolf Den and then even a little bit more respect, what else is out there that is like Wolf Den that I can listen to? I only ask because WD is laying dormant. -Erik
  14. ErikH2000

    Regular Radio Podcast (Comedy, Skit, Music Satire)

    Bookmarked it to listen to on my walk to work tomorrow. Try mine! (if you like. Link below.) -Erik
  15. ErikH2000

    Best amplitude for podcasting?

    Okay, I am coming back to this, because after rereading the above posts and trying to do it in Audition, there is still a lot of ambiguity to me. I may just bore everyone to death with my baby steps and not get any replies to this, but AT THE LEAST, I will have composed my thoughts by writing them down. Here's the steps I follow. All thoughtful criticism welcome. 1. My raw audio has peaks that are mostly about -18db. I know that is too quiet and the necessary amplification means I'll have more ambient noise. The preamp is maxed. I have a Shure SM58 plugged into the preamp. The mic is inside of a porta-booth (foam-lined box) to shield it from horrible, ghastly room echoes. Having the mic in the box is what makes it so quiet. But it's impossible to read lines with your head in the box, so actors have their heads back a bit. This is temporary until I finish treating a smaller room that I can move into. 2. There are some spikes in there that are higher volume. I run a hard limiter at -15db to get the sample so step 3 will do something. 3. Then I normalize to 100% (0db). I figure I need step 2 and 3 for step 4 to work. 4. I run a single band compressor (in Audition it is the "Voice Leveler" preset). It has threshold -10, ratio 12:1, attack 0, release 100ms, output gain 0. This makes my average peak around -9db. 5. Then I normalize it again to 100% (0db). 6. Then I capture a noise print and run noise removal. I understand some of what I'm doing, but other parts... hmm, maybe I'm screwing up, don't know. Anything above really making you cringe?