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    Episode 77 — Making Fun of ESL Students

    Oh, another question: If these kids weren't Japanese and were, say, Québécois, would that be different? How? Discuss. Teacher OUT.
  2. Baby_Jessica

    Episode 77 — Making Fun of ESL Students

    Hi Andrew! Caller here, thanks for answering! Here's an example you were missing: one of my students once said "today is a nuts day" instead of crazy, so now me and my friends use that phrase. Just silly stuff like that. Definitely not the l-r shift. And in response to your guest, I have learned a second language in a foreign country and I have made these mistakes countless times, and I still think it's funny. I'll keep your response in mind next time though. Thanks again!
  3. Baby_Jessica

    Episode 62 — White People Dancing

    It's just as racist and insensitive towards whites as saying "you drive like an Asian" is towards Asians.