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    Episode 66 β€” A New Awakening

    Solid episode. Blackie hugging that spectral hand.....phenomenal. Muenster Manual.....yes. And Jesus Pussy.....holy shit that's funny. Don't jack off on my cheese, please. Don't ever let this podcast end. Sending much love, guys. Thanks for champion work.
  2. Yessir

    Episode 141 β€” Tarot

    Anna and Alan here.....(Anna from Professor Blastoff episode #110).....and we wanted to say: Suzi, you have always beat Flo in our boner-hearts. Your insurance commercials years ago made us pay attention to your adorable self and your pigtails. Flo never did. True story. You in your office chair and all....mm hm. Truly truly.....and the PB hosts have our contact info. **wink!** And what a damn good episode! TKD&A were great and S was a great guest. When she was asked (by Aaron) about the multitude of possibilities within tarot readings and she responded about the possibilities in human conversation, that was perfect. We're skeptical about tarot -- and Suzi won us over by her pragmatic (yet mystical) view of it all. "Hold this mackerel skull." Katy Perry's "Roar." T&K's muffled shouts of "YES!" and "NO!" All of this: yes. Cheers, Suzi and the PB crew! Much love, A&A
  3. Yessir

    Episode 94 β€” Polyamory

    Thanks so much for giving the subject of polyamory an open forum -- it’s much appreciated. We’ve loved the show for a long time -- and have been polyamorous (practicing FMF polyfidelity) for ten years now. Hearing one of our favorite podcasts cover the topic mindfully is very gratifying. (Although we do wish that polyfidelity was covered more -- that is, three or more people living their lives together as a committed family. A quite large percentage of polyamorous relationships practice polyfidelity.) Anyhoo . . . thanks, TigKyleDavid! We love you! Cheers, Alan and Anna www.theordinaryextraordinary.com -- the site for our book and blog on polyamory