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  1. Cabbage

    EPISODE 649 - White People Spicy

    oh god persecution complex
  2. Cabbage

    EPISODE 641 - The T Word

    Jesus who is this racist dickwad? Worst guest for some time. N-word dropping obnoxious jerk.
  3. Cabbage

    Episode 544 - Anglo Pride

    tbh I'm really feeling Andrew's mullet
  4. Cabbage

    Episode 349 — Winter Olympics

    Omg this guy (Max) is the best guest you've had (as he was the last time), you need to make him a cohost or something Andrew.
  5. Cabbage

    Episode 228 — Rules For White People

    Andrew plz stop interrupting ur guests
  6. Cabbage

    Episode 227 — Racist Vagina

    More deep shit, I don't think anyone's ever said the word 'vagina' on the podcast before.
  7. Seriously deep shit, this is pushing Andrew's podcast persona in new and interesting directions. That faux "hello" at the beginning is foreshadowing, maybe he'll have an existential crisis.
  8. Cabbage

    Episode 223 — Perceptions of Cool

    Andrew you have some arrogant fucking friends.
  9. I'm going to dispense with the usual criticism of Andrew (i.e. he's too nice on the podcast in comparison to his blog) and just say that there were a few assumptions made by Patrick Walsh that are highly questionable. He said at one point that, about the show about call centres, the audience were essentially to blame for any stereotyping because they were racist - I don't buy that, it's a convenient way to get the writers, the producers and essentially the company off the hook by blaming people who can't argue back. By the same token, Walsh was very careful to counter any criticism of 2 Broke Girls by arguing that he's either constrained by the nature of the institution he works for or that he works with all these people of colour who seem to agree with all the creative decisions the show's making so that if Andrew says anything about it he's just being unfair.
  10. Cabbage

    Episode 189 — Cotton Picking Mind

    Beau's pretty cool, that was a really good forum btw. If anyone wants to watch it, it's on Youtube here (Jennifer Wang is on it too):
  11. "Am I allowed to curse in the Earwolf podcasts?" "Oh yeah." - Best podcast moment in some time.
  12. Cabbage

    Episode 129 — Closed Captioning

    Oh my god, that was the best fucking question.
  13. Andrew handled the Deez Nutz situation well. "Analyse Jane through the lens of Deez Nuts" indeed.
  14. Cabbage

    Episode 98 — Having A Favorite Race

    What an arrogant piece of shit, I wish Andrew just told him to fuck off.