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  1. I just wanted to point this out to Besser, maybe you've already heard about this but by a vote of 98-1 the US Senate have decided that climate change is real and not a hoax. Granted the amendment was made to bring in an oil pipeline, but still.


    That one vote? Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi




    Thank you Mississippi!

  2. You guys fucking killed it at the show today. It's like 6 hours later and I'm still feeling the glow. There's nothing like seeing live improv, even if it's just four dudes on stools doing theater of the mind. That being said, with improv being such an "in the now" experience, it's wonderful to have the option to listen to shows or particular scenes again and again. I'm still a little floored at how fucking well everything wrapped up at the end there.


    I'm quite appreciative of being graced with the presence of Gethard, he really is a phenomenal improviser and it's a shame we aren't treated to more of him on the podcast since he's a New Yorker. That made it especially nice to not only get him again for i4h, but live and close to (my) home. Seth killed it, too, as usual, and Owen very much surprised me (only because I'm not familiar with him and this was my first real exposure)


    On another note, I brought a friend with me who never experienced live comedy before, and was unfamiliar with improv in general. She left the show a convert. Though she did say something along the lines of "lots of dick stuff" in a non-judgmental, matter-of-fact version.


    Thanks for coming out, Matt, and bringing the best podcast in the universe with you. It was an electric, packed yet intimate crowd, and if the laughs don't speak for themselves, we loved it.

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  3. Matt Stressor - A rubber Besser doll that you squeeze and his eyes pop out. Or if you want to make it a little more "personal," have the nose and hair and belly button pop out.


    Matt Breaster - i4h push-up bra.


    Or maybe an improv4humidifier?


    Improv4humus - novelty party dip


    Over-hard eggs


    Matte Besser: Non-glossy office paper, reams of 250.


    Temp Tatt Bessers - Various tempory tattoos of the i4h logo, Besser's face, sexy robot, or fan-submitted art, etc.



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  4. Looking at the Bumbershoot schedule, there were three i4h performances, and in the descriptions for each show the guests listed are Huskey, Sanz and Meadows. If this is truly the line up for all three shows, and all three shows will be dropped as podcasts, I don't know how the hell I'm going to be alive by the end. This episode was so much fun it nearly killed me.


    I don't think any of the fans here on the forum would object to getting all three of those show in a row, but they'll probably be parsed out like the DCM episodes.


    There better be at least three episodes for Best of Vol 3. Or I won't buy your book, Besser. You hear me? That was a total bluff, I'm sorry.

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  5. I think it's a stellar idea to solicit "Fan on The Street" interviews. Color me excited.


    I also liked putting out a Best Of for a specific segment. I'm sure it helps whittle down the overwhelming choices for the regular Best Of. I would love to see more of these. Best Of Interviews, Crap on YouTube, Tebow etc. Or even themed shows like religious scenes or drugs scenes (though I understand it may be "too much" to listen to an entire show of one topic.), and more music inspired shows.


    Basically, whatever gets me and the other fans more episodes of this show.

  6. I don't know if I said this before, but the absolutely wonderful thing about this podcast is the excitement for the guests. When I first started listening to i4h I would gravitate to the episodes with more "well-known" guests (Andy Daly, Sanz, Meadows, Walsh etc) but as I got through the entire collection and got to know all of the other improvisers, I've become excited for EVERY show. I love EVERY improviser and its a matter now of seeing different combinations of guests.


    I think that may be why the last few months of i4h feels like every episode is amazing. I came here as a fan of Matt Besser and will leave here a fan of Billy Merritt, Chad Carter, Pam Murphy, Gil Ozeri, Adam Pally, Sean Conroy, Lennon Parham, Danielle Schneider, Ben Seimon, Will McLaughlin, Eugene Cordero, Brian Huskey, Seth Morris, Lauren Lapkus, John Gabrus and Gemberling, Paul Rust, Mike Still, Mookie, Stephanie Allyne, Charlie Sanders, Amanda Sitko, Andy Sekunda, Betsy Sedaro, Joe Wengert..... The list goes on and on.


    So I thank you, Matt, by putting out a consistently funny and entertaining podcast, but also surrounding yourself with such talented people and giving them a platform for exposure.


    Also, tell Gethard to fly out to LA more just so he can do more appearances. I'm sick of this appears-once-a-year bullshit.

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  7. Strongly enjoyed this episode. I think the show is nearly always better when women are present (and that without any there, it becomes kind of frightening). And these three were all funny.


    I agree, just look at the madness the last episode brought with three human dudes in comparison. Beastiality. I also loved the women's reaction to Matt saying he should have called that girl "Horse Pussy."

  8. Oh, wow, I was under the impression Adomian was trained in improv. Fooled me. I enjoyed Todd, he wasn't as structurally sound as the other improvisers which makes me think that's why this was an improv5humans. Wasn't Aukerman's show also a i5h?


    This was an extremely entertaining episode though and would absolutely advocate PFT and Adomian making appearances just because they're so quick and seem to know how to find "the game" and keep it going. Also it'd be nice to see Aziz Ansari show up, too. I believe he started out in UCB.

  9. People act like Case Closed does nothing for the show, and that it takes away from the comedy, but without some of these, I believe fantastic, segments, we would not get the innumerable funny follow up scenes, most of which qualify to be on a Best Of episode. I don't really understand how folks want comedy devoid of any discourse or sourced from meaningful topics. In history, that's where comedy COMES from: conflict, tragedy and various forms of catharsis. The sentiment of "just stick to the funny" I don't often understand because these discussions almost always heighten "the funny" in many different ways. Maybe people just don't like to think when they're entertained.


    One of the many things that make this not only my favorite podcast, but also the greatest podcast in the universe, is your willingness to engage in direct discourse with the fans, Matt. Your presence on the forum shows that you genuinely care about us, your show and the response it generates. I, for one, am very grateful to have a host who does such things. I definitely voted on that survey that I trust the host to be more honest with me than my parents. (But my mom is a horrible liar and I don't know who my father is. I'm pretty sure it's Richard Ramirez though)


    I'd have to say though, the dilligent fans on the i4h forum are a bit more intelligent than some of the other subforums. It's not often I get angry at posts here, and the fact that so many of us engage in open discourse on various topics in a usually thought out and intelligent manner is just another testament to the power of i4h.


    Thank you, Matt, for alwaulys giving me something to look forward to on Thursdays and for making the Asssscat format available to those of us who do not live in NY or LA.

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