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  1. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Call me Nintendo cause this is the 64th reply in this topic, also I think its still 1996. I hope you guys are proud of us now.
  2. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    They care.... They're just busy, that's all. Just cause daddy is never around and doesn't like your posts doesn't mean he doesn't love you.... Right guys?
  3. NickArnold

    Episode 139.5 — 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    This is legit an amazing episode. One of my favorites for sure.
  4. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    It was really awesome, good mix of comedy and drama, a Coma if you will. The ending was great too.
  5. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Well then he must love us cause we don't quit on our topics!!!!!
  6. I'm pretty sure we'd win the Hungry Games easily. I mean who's gonna stop us the fans of Yo Is This Racist? Yeah right.
  7. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    I agree Jeff Ulrich was probably upset that this topic is more popular than all the other show's topics combined and wanted to punish us.
  8. I could only imagine all the tail I'd get in that beautiful machine.
  9. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Oh snap, looks like we don't have the sword of Dan Cortez over us anymore
  10. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Oh man we need to get to 32 comments, I know we can do it guys. Only one more after this one
  11. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    I'm so glad we all pulled together to get this done. What other fans actually listen it their hosts?!?!? I'm calling you out How Did This Get Made Fans!
  12. NickArnold

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    How dare you sir, dropping our intrepid hosts to third place after they gave you a wonderful shout out on air!!!
  13. NickArnold

    Episode 235 — Concert Buddies

    Of course I understand eight hours a day of anything is likely not good, I also might not have my ages right but forgive me about that. Games are just something I'm passionate about and I really don't think they get the respect they deserve. I still have much love and respect for you guys.
  14. NickArnold

    Episode 235 — Concert Buddies

    I know I shouldn't have but I kinda got turned off from this episode when they said video games are a waste of time. I understand that Doug and Scott are a bit older and didn't grow up with them but when they discuss movies, theater and TV but then say gaming is a waste of time just rubbed me the wrong way. Its all entertainment and art, why is one looked down upon more? Is it because its the newest?
  15. NickArnold

    Episode 29 — This Is Rude

    This really made my Tuesday, I know that's sad but I don't care.
  16. NickArnold


    Thank god for this post, I had my cyanide pill ready to take until I saw this. See Earwolf this show saves lives!!!!!!
  17. NickArnold

    Episode 136.5 — 07/12/13 TWO CHARTED 75

    These past two has kind of made me miss when it was just Ku, Wie and Ram Hand/Stard/Dirt Cup. It felt more personal.
  18. NickArnold

    Episode 228 — Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    Great episode, Hodgman is the best. Though kinda disappointed that PFT hated on my hometown, then again he's from Philly so its expected.
  19. You're the best Scott thanks for all the good times!
  20. I tried to make a vote on the forums for this very reason but it got locked. YITR was leading by a lot
  21. Andrew Ti is racist towards white people. Just listen to any episode of it all of them, they are all exactly the same. I wish Earwolf would dump YIIR but I gave up that fight a long time ago. Thank god all Matt, Matt, Paul and John understand things a little more than Andrew.
  22. NickArnold

    Hungerstrike til the show comes back

    Next week will be a month already... My Tuesdays suck now. Plus side I've lost a lot a weight since I haven't been eating
  23. Day 1: I'm growing hungry
  24. NickArnold

    What guest do you want to see?

    I would like to see John the Baptist...