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  1. Surly Captain

    Character Drawings

    The fastest Nausica I could make
  2. Surly Captain

    Episode 101 β€” Crashing Through the Woods

    I made the mistake of taking my dog for a walk while listening to this one. My neighbors must think I'm going through a nervous breakdown walking down the street with tears running down my face and a squinched up facing from trying to restrain my laughter. Funniest stuff I've heard in awhile.
  3. Surly Captain

    Episode 91 β€” Polish My Horn of Blasting

    I need to see this…..
  4. Surly Captain

    Character Drawings

    Okay, if they're not going for my last t-shirt design. Then I'd like to see Brian in this
  5. Surly Captain

    Character Drawings

    not really a social distortion fan but this "season" needs a shirt
  6. Surly Captain

    Episode 31 β€” The Landing Day

    It took me forever to figure out Sark was trying to imitate Bruce Willis. I really thought he was going to Tommy Wiseau from The Room. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if5eP3crl_4
  7. Surly Captain

    Nerd Poker T-shirts!

    Got my shirt! it's sweeeeet and I'm branded.
  8. Surly Captain

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Blaine! when you need a joke that references Fatty Arbuckle, Senior Wences and Kim Cattrall try Blaine!
  9. Surly Captain

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    BlAINE! Blaine! it's those jokes your parents would tell you in the 70s but NOW! Blaine!
  10. Surly Captain

    Character Drawings

    Amarth as played by Moby
  11. Surly Captain

    Character Drawings

    I really want to do a drawing of this last episode but a a d&d crew in steam punk iron man outfits, a glowing arm, a stargoyle, space spiders, an air fish - all on a shrub orb with a space shuttle crashed into it. I'd need to be on acid just to attempt it.
  12. Surly Captain

    Episode 27 β€” Knocking Out

    Awesome episode and t-shirt!
  13. Surly Captain

    Episode 25 β€” The Locker Gifts

    Stargoyle! I love it. He's like the new kid they add when sitcoms get boring. I hope there aren't any hijinx.
  14. Surly Captain

    Episode 23 β€” Anybody's Game

    oops, syncronized postings. I'll go with Gerry's spelling, although it doesn't seem ridiculous enough.
  15. Surly Captain

    Episode 23 β€” Anybody's Game

    I forth the motion on a proper spelling of Glennishmoore! or Gelynischmourle? then again if it's Welsh it could be anything ChilunmisMuerbe? We need a proper linguist to give us a spelling! huzzah-