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  1. LiamAstley

    CBB UK Tour

    I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS I mean, about the show tonight, not specifically you travelling from Scotland (but I hope you sorted something out)
  2. LiamAstley

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    Yeah I watch it every week, it's my favourite comedy series on right now! I do think it's crazy that more people don't watch it (especially Earwolf listeners) given how easy it is to catch episodes on Youtube
  3. LiamAstley

    EPISODE 216 β€” Grudge Justice

    This was so great. As soon as I saw the line-up I was excited, it didn't disappoint. I was a little wary when I saw there'd be poetry but that turned out to be great too
  4. This was (unsurprisingly) great. I loved hearing Janet Varney's PFT-esque background laughs at the start
  5. LiamAstley

    Episode 199 β€” Freedom and Abandon

    Also, ridiculous seeing people giving Nova shit for not well acquainted with popular culture. Who cares? Such an internet nerd thing, to judge people by what films and TV they can check off as having seen. If she was doing a hipster snooty deal of looking down at mainstream media that'd be one thing, but she seemed fine with everyone making fun of her for not knowing stuff. I really enjoyed hearing Howard getting excited by her disinterest in movies
  6. LiamAstley

    Episode 199 β€” Freedom and Abandon

    This episode was a delight
  7. "People normally count to 3" "Well, it's a bigger camera" Crying in the office listening to this
  8. LiamAstley

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    (I realise James is on The Todd Glass Show a bunch btw)
  9. LiamAstley

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    They should do a semi-regular show of their own called The Podcast Situation
  10. LiamAstley

    Episode 182.5 β€” 5/30/14 TWO CHARTED 121

    I really enjoyed Armen's run. Would I want him on all the time? Nope, but it made an entertaining change. I found him a likeable guy, and it seems as if the people he's friends with do too. If anything that feels like his problem, a bit (and here I go projecting on someone I don't actually know). It seems like he doesn't like to commit to what he's saying or doing, for fear of getting judged, and people let him get away with it because they like him. That's what made the Besser episode so funny, he was repeatedly calling him on his shit instead of letting it go. It's a shame Armen was apparently genuinely upset by that, but hopefully in the long run it toughens him up a bit. It didn't feel like bullying to me. I don't know if Armen was more upset at being publicly shamed than at what Besser was saying to him. Still I also kind of hope he doesn't change too much as he's a funny guy
  11. LiamAstley

    Episode 283 β€” The 5th Anniversary Show!

    Is it really competition when everyone's giving their stuff away for free anyway? I did find the slam funny though Oh and pretty much everything else everyone said in the rest of the two hours, obvz
  12. LiamAstley

    Episode 7 β€” Zooropa

    I keep pausing these podcasts to go listen to various U2 songs for the first time since the 90s
  13. LiamAstley

    Episode 120 β€” Wild Horses

    Not a giant surprise, the Mail's mostly read by arseholes
  14. LiamAstley

    Episode 120 β€” Wild Horses

    Realised I forgot to post on here about how amazing this episode was It was amazing
  15. Yeah I'd agree, the impression I've always had in Britain is that they're seen as a bit cheesy and "dad music" but they're still very popular and are considered big deal rock stars. Bono as an individual is more of a punchline, but again there's still a lot of people who like him
  16. I'd put off listening to this one, was wary as (1) I've only ever listened to a handful of Best Shows, I enjoyed it but felt overwhelmed by how much more of it there was. (2) I only know Daniel Ralston from that time earlier this year when he misunderstood one of Scott Aukerman's tweets and started calling him a misogynist. But I did enjoy this episode, and I've made a secret New Year's resolution to start going into the WFMU archives. I guess I finally GOT THE MEMO
  17. LiamAstley

    Episode 261 β€” Nubile Agape

    I have played D&D, I do care about D&D, and if I started a podcast about D&D I would totally expect to get some shit off people for it. A bit of lighthearted mocking from another comedian is, I'd have thought, the least of their worries. Shelby is great, I like her mix of quick-wittedness and dopeyness. SUFFRA-GET CITY. Also hearing Scott and Kulap together always fills me with glee.
  18. LiamAstley

    Episode 77 β€” Hudson Hawk

    Woohoo! Not listened yet but am looking forward to it, love Emily Gordon
  19. LiamAstley

    Episode 259 β€” Charlotte's Website

    Lapkus? More like Lapk-YES amiright?
  20. LiamAstley

    Episode 215 β€” Time Bobby 2

    I laughed out loud at every "IT'S BEEN", got some odd looks on the bus
  21. LiamAstley

    Character Drawings

    These are all brilliant
  22. LiamAstley

    Episode 111.5 β€” 1/18/13 TWO CHARTED 50

    If there was a comic I'd like to see The Connivers go up against an evil team called The Regime, led by a villain called The Clench