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  1. Lost my password super long ago, just got around to getting back on the forums. Missed you all! Loved this episode, the musical episodes are really growing on me. "I'm like summer school; class"
  2. boognish00

    Mic Recommendations

    Alright so heres what i would do, given the same equipment: The Realistic is an omnidirectional mic, meaning that it picks up sound from all directions, not just the direction in which it is pointed. So if you were to acousticly treat a nice, quiet room with some heavy blankets, you could probably get away with recording multiple voices on that one mic. And with a little EQ to get rid of any hum or hiss in the air, you could have a decent and clear recording. The Calrad, however, is a shotgun mic, these are the kinds of mics you see on the ends of booms or on cameras. They are incredibly directional and are used mainly in television and movies where you need the direct sound of something like a voice, but can't be in frame. I wouldn't necessarily reach for a mic like this for recording voice, but its totally doable and it will sound just fine if you get the distance and levels right. As for a mixer, C&B is right, go with something cheap that has the basics that you need to get the audio from a mic to your computer. When it comes to recording voice, the front end (mic type, room type, ambient noise levels) is where you need to focus your attention. Bottom line: Recording is and always has been trial and error. Just use your ears! P.S. Im curious as to what software you plan on using to actually record and what kind of computer/operating system you're using
  3. boognish00

    Harris, please read this.

    Fuck off, phish sucks. Don't say faggot. That, even moreso than your love of phish, solidifies my hunch that you arent the kind of person who belongs on the earwolf boards. Admins, please do something about this sign-up-to-post asshole.
  4. boognish00

    Episode 73 — Congo

    I thought the exact same thing about a post-credit sequence where the balloon is shot down. This movie was fucking crazy.
  5. boognish00

    Episode 72.5 — Minisode 72.5

    Man, i got off work tonight at 3am (new episodes come out at 2am here in the midwest) and was looking forward to hearing this one. Oh well, i can definitely wait. I just NEED to hear someone discuss the fact that Dylan Walsh was a primatologist who developed a device that enabled a gorilla to communcate yet, SOMEHOW DIDNT KNOW WHAT A FUCKING LEECH WAS!!! ARE YOU HEARING WHAT IM SAYING?!?! Plus the clearly suicidal/murdurous albino gorillas ACTIVELY jumping into and pushing eachother into the lava. Also, why was there a clear shot of the sky when they first enter the diamond mine? And also, why didn't any of the crew have to swim under that little opening to get to Zinj like Bruce Campbell did? Idk guys. This. Was. Fucking. Bonkers.
  6. boognish00

    Episode 138 — Cosplay Jaywalking

    Howard's quick "Jews love to recline" made my day
  7. boognish00

    Episode 231 — This Is Not Me, This Is Them

    I wonder if Jesse "The Heart" Ventura took his diving-Belzer to get into the studio
  8. boognish00

    Jason Mantzoukas #174

    Loves me some Chasin' Pantsuitcase
  9. boognish00

    Episode 228 — Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    Scott, is fuckin' WEARING that purple shirt
  10. boognish00

    Episode 227 — All Farted Out

    When I find myself in Orange Julius, I buy myself an Orange J
  11. boognish00

    Episode 134 — Sneak In Tips

    You guys, I think Double Goggle is officially my summah jam. Like, holy shit.
  12. boognish00

    Episode 134 — Sneak In Tips

    This episode was a damn near perfect Whooch. Great job guys. One thing I will say is that I am tired of everyone buttering Macklemore's popcorn finger. I'm sure he and his cohorts are cool dudes and I respect their independent spirit, but that music...Blechh, I just can't get into it. It's got that made-exclusively-for-a-Scion-commercial sound to it. Other than all that, still havin a summah over here!
  13. boognish00

    Episode 133.5 — 06/21/13 TWO CHARTED 72

    Holy shit. First, Ween and Primus references, now a Dr. Dog reference? Whooch is fucking killing it this week.
  14. boognish00

    Episode 133 — Summah Semantics

    Maaaan, that's what the summah gum is for! You mean a mint kulap?
  15. boognish00

    Episode 133 — Summah Semantics

    Summah Gum: Trident Island Berry Lime Summah Cocktail: Caesar (vodka/clamato/celery salt/worcestershire/tabasco/pickle juice) Summah Secret: I'll never tell