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    A Talking Cat!?! (2013)

    Here's my second proposal that I really hope leads to an episode. Again this is a terrifying children's film though in this case is more of a low-budget disaster. On one hand we have possibly drunk former Best-Actor nominee Eric Roberts as a slurring talking cat in some of the most convoluted film plotting I have ever seen. On top of that you get the magic combo of dire effects, porn actors, porn sets, and a porn director because you know for kids. I included the trailer and the AV Club write up below just hopefully to build a bit of interest. FYC, chaos...reigns http://www.avclub.com/articles/a-talking-cat-is-the-room-of-anthropomorphic-anima,93563/
  2. I am shocked the movement for this on here has gone dormant. I mean just out the gate this film is the biggest bomb released on over 2500 screens of all time, which alone is worth its attention. On top of that though the whole production/marketing of the film is a total disaster of epic proportions(almost exclusively focusing on the producer being "the marketing visionary of the Teletubbies). On top of that this is true nightmare fodder of the highet order, I can only imagine what the panel would make of Cary Elwes' performance alone. All of this being some of the finest misguided nightmare fodder that you could ask for. For Your Consideration, Chaos...reigns
  3. Was I the only one who saw odd Eraserhead connections here I mean strange supernatural child, but more importantly the pencil factory scene was very much an homage to the pencil manufacturing scene in Eraserhead. I mean obviously the influences end about there, but still a nice reference in what was an all-together not terrible film.