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  1. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 85 — Bugbears Approach

    Thank you for adding this to my lexicon
  2. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    Another great episode but I do feel like you guys are missing a perfect opportunity to use the word "pendulus" every time you refer to rat balls.
  3. FreelanceSculptor

    Character Drawings

    Put together an axe for the Amarth mini. Not sure it's "metal" enough yet, I think it might need some spikes.
  4. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    Nice, I wonder who's going to end up milking a cat to stay alive
  5. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    Hey Brian and friends, Just wanted to say thank you for another great episode! Nerd Poker gets me through my work week and I just happen to make gaming miniatures for a living. Your collective gaming efforts have inspired me to make some Nerd Poker miniatures in my down time. First up is Amarth, I did a quick head sculpt during my lunch break. Brian, let me know if you'd like anything revised and if you have any special requests for pose/armor/weapons/scars/etc. I'll post updates as I work through the rest of the sculpt in the coming weeks. Thanks for entertaining me while I work! Best regards, Ben Misenar www.freelancesculptor.com
  6. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 10 — On The Catwalk

    Oooff! Four 1's in a row. Always brutal when the dice gods curl one out on your chest. In theory you should be able to take some ridiculous risks next session since statistically your more likely to roll higher...or Amarth could just end up legless rolling around on a skateboard. Thank you for entertaining me while I work guys!
  7. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 9 — Going In Recons Blazing

    Well done, can't wait for the team to start mercilessly slaughtering random citizens in the giant boat Water World Atoll town. Why don't you call the crazy shit from past adventures segment Vorpal Botch!
  8. FreelanceSculptor

    Episode 8 — The Survivors

    With a Native American James Bond that has Beast Master vision I imagine they would have some madcap poltergeist adventures! During this episode I was imagining Ermine as the Zardoz version of Connery: