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    I cannot disagree more. She was fantastic in this episode.


    And yeah, Adam Brody was great. I get the sense that he's not into the comedy world at all, but somehow he knew exactly how gel with everyone in the room. Hope he comes back for more.


    And finally, I ALSO agree with everyone on Shelby! The fucking pop culture references were so funny to me delivered in that voice with that air of seriousness. So great. One of my favorites of the year so far.


    I think Brody's dipped his feet into the comedy world. He was in The Ten, and that's basically The State + extended family. And then Burning Love seems to be his re-entry.


    We're so close to that all teen episode I suggested. Lapkus/St. Clair/Neil Campbell, make it happen Choctaw.




    Can you explain the joke? I just can't watch How I Met Your Mother anymore, it's become so terrible.


    The bartender at MacClaren's name is Carl -- not sure if you knew that. But he and Marshall get into an argument, and Carl says he'll give Marshall what he wants if Marshall can tell him his last name. Marshall stammers for a little bit and then says "Carl...Sjunior?"

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  2. Probably my favorite episode of 2013 so far. I know I'm in the minority, but I didn't love Wengert in his first appearance. I think he killed it here, though, even if I would have probably cut out one bit. Lapkus was spot-on (though no Wompler) and I've loved Adam Brody for years and was thrilled to see how well he "got it." Interrupting Scott during Would You Rather? made me giggle. Great episode.


    EDIT: Also, anyone watch HIMYM tonight? They completely stole Carl Sjunior.

  3. Pitch Slapped was a few months ago, had some of the cast of Pitch Perfect (Adam Devine and a girl who had a smaller role) and the writer. Paul Scheer's movie promoter character, Scott Jeffries, stopped by.


    Something for Daddy's a great choice, good call. Wipeout might not be the best. She's not immersed in the world of alternative comedy at all. She likes Modern Family and Friends more than anything. I got her into How I Met Your Mother in an attempt to get her moving into a slightly "geekier" direction. I think Mantzoukas might be a little "too much" at first. Early Kroll episodes like a good idea, too. Unfortunately, her favorite Kroll characters were Liz (from PubLIZity, barely in the Christmas episode this year) and Jeff (specific to a couple episodes of Kroll Show).


    Thanks guys. I still want to put together a list of 10 and a list of 5 -- not just for my girlfriend, for getting anyone into the show.

  4. My girlfriend's interested in starting to listen, but I'm not sure exactly where to start. We listened to (most of) the Pitch Slapped episode together, but she didn't quite "get it" when Scott Jeffries showed up. But she watched Kroll Show tonight, liked the characters, and wants to try again. So what...five? episodes would you use to draw someone in? What about 10? I think it shouldn't necessarily be the funniest episodes. For example, I'd feel weird about showing Time Bobby to someone, since it kind of drops you right into ALW insanity and I can see how some people wouldn't get it. Thoughts?


    How about just selling them to the die hard fans? If it's an issue of not wanting to look like they're bombing because of the audience's mic levels not being high enough, fans who are paying for it won't really care. I watched live and loved the first CBB. :) Either that or a slumber party/Sundance episodes viewing party at Julia's house.


    Yeah, I'm good with both of these. I just don't wanna miss anything!

  6. I might have missed it, but I didn't see the Vancouver episode in the Earwolf store.


    Yeah, I don't think it's up yet. Same thing happened with the video last week. zaprighttoit.com jokes didn't make sense until the video went up like 15 hours later.

  7. Miles Archer gave an interview about a year ago (that I can't seem to find now) where he mentioned that was a disagreement with Earwolf about the Cyberthug show.


    He also said there were no hard feelings.


    Yeah, something about them not being able to make money with the characters outside of Earwolf, I think. The article's been since taken down. There's the $7.99 package of the three Cyberthug Radio shows that you can buy from the Earwolf store, though.


    EDIT: Ah, the power of the Internet. Here's the article:



  8. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I normally don't like Zouks and Daly together. Love 'em both individually, but it's felt to me like Jason just tries to push Andy out of what Andy intended to do, and Andy, being a professional, yes ands through the entire thing. I was not excited that this was Episode 200.


    But Jason kinda scaled it back and this was absolute gold. I hope Dimello finds some way to bring Cactus Tony back, because I love him.