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  1. Moragami

    Episode 32 — Female Body Inspector

    Glad to have you guys back! Nobody understands the subtle genius that is Rivals 2. So understated, yet deep, and poignant. Like when CT banged Anastasia, and then said he didn't, and then almost beat up Frank? I haven't seen such beauty on film since I watched Life of Pi. Clem and Hayes, keep on raw-dogging these shows, your tongue-in-butt humor really makes me laugh! Except for when you talk about the Bachelor, I just don't get it ya'll! Raw-dog!
  2. Moragami

    Episode 28 — Journalist By Nature

    Yo, what's up with everybody on the Real World being mature, apologizing for their bullshit, and making up? I don't believe it's going to last. Since the first episode, we've been teased these images of Nia throwing a drink in Averey's face, and also smacking her in the back of the head. Is that going to be the season finale? Or was it all CGI? I can never tell anymore. Next week, Tyler dumps Jess via email. Suhh-weet pity party, table for one.
  3. Moragami

    Episode 28 — Journalist By Nature

    C'mon Sean and Hayes... You cannot take a 7 week hiatus right now! The Amazing Race just ended, Survivor finale is this weeknd. Avery and Nia haven't even fought it out on The Real World yet! There's so much reality going on, I need more show show to sort it all out and make it funny! I love this podcast. I was so happy to find a podcast that pretty much talked about the reality shows I watch (not the Bachelor though, I have my limits), and TRSS quickly became one of my favorite weekly listens. It will be hard to watch all the great reality shows without your reality show show recaps to make them hilarious. Good luck on your current projects, and please don't forget about us. Maybe one of you just call me weekly, and we'll talk about reality shows? Most of my friends think they're terrible, but you guys understand why they're AWESOME.