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  1. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 71 — The Glimmer Man

    Is it wrong that Jason's Segal voice is turning me on? Also, I love the new "second opinions" song! Awesome show. Great job!
  2. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    16 Min in. I literally have to stop listening becuase I'm crying with laughter over June decribing a tornado and how she thinks the sharks first priority would be to find water once they hit the ground.
  3. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    Please, PLEASE, spend more time explaining outdated technology. <--- 100% sincere. "Ebony, mirror-stone" .... Obsidian, methinks? Great episode, I love the sinister, dark tower planet. I'm going to keep an eye on the listened art board after this ep.
  4. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 33 — To Hide or Not To Hide

    Somehow, I just don't believe it when Brian recommends Dan Brown's Inferno.
  5. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    This episode is going into my Spank Bank of greatness. Everything about it was perfect. Love the live shows.
  6. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 31 — The Landing Day

    Glad to have Blacky Green back! Mildred and Sir Richard have some real quality time in the near future, but what will those other knuckleheads do without the brains of the operation? I can't wait! *giggling will malicious glee*
  7. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 30 — Deeding The Zyrax

    Yeah, the jury is in. "Blue Waffle" is a total hoax, yo! But you should google harlequin babies. Those are real.
  8. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 30 — Deeding The Zyrax

    Holy shit, only five minutes in... holy shit.
  9. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 1 — Cat Ranch Chaos

    Meh - but I'm not an avid Maron follower, so maybe I "don't get it." I'm thinking it will get better, but is probably not much as a stand alone thing. I would like to say "for shame" to people attacking Geordie McGrath for just expressing his opinion. WTF? Maybe you feel protective of the Earwolf Cabal or are worried someone's feelings might get hurt? But seriously, is the only acceptable comment is one that says "this is great"? Why bother with a forum, then?
  10. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    I gotta say, I don't think about babies all that much either. I think I've reached my full hight at this point in life (which is over 5 feet), yet I would want a tiny menace onesy with snaps to allude to the fact that the degree to which I menace others is smaller than small. It's tiny. I need to acknowledge this part of myself and share it with the world.
  11. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 24 — For Glinishmore and Bahamut!

    Sark's rift closing sound effect was adorable. I just want to hear a mash-up track of all of his noises.
  12. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 61 — Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

    Yes, she pretty much does in 'Scoop.'
  13. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 61 — Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

    True. She does have a seriously hilarious perspective.
  14. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    Brian literally sounds disappointed to find out that Sir Richard is going to save their asses. *puts on formal nipple rings*
  15. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 61 — Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

    Kate Spencer didn't really have much to say. I like it better when the guest is someone who is really into the movie and knowledgable on the topic. I was really excited about this one, but... I don't know. I don't feel like it was very in depth. I am, however, interested in reading Save the Cat!
  16. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

    Watched it last night. There was a point in the film when I started to wonder if this was really a love story between Joey and Tutti.
  17. RichardsCopyCat

    The Man with the Iron Fists

    This movie really sucked. I watched this on Netfliz last week, and was completely disgusted. Thanks for making all of the women in your movie prostitutes RZA! The gore was knarly and tasteless. I don't think Russel Crowe is a good actor, but I thought a little better of Lucy Liu - and I imagine neither of these actors needed to do this movie. What were they thinking?
  18. RichardsCopyCat

    Hemlock Grove

    Am I supposed to like a guy who goes to prostitutes, rapes his friends and kills his mother just because he's hunting a killer for his own personnal glory and seems to like his little sister? HOWEVER, I did like the music in this show... and the fact that I could watch it all the way through. That being said, I don't think this is really good material for HDTGM.
  19. RichardsCopyCat

    Stay Tuned (1992)

    I think the moral lessons in this incredible allegorical film could really speak the HDTGM audience. DId anyone else have one of those giant dishes in their yard? Remember how you had to actually memorize the satellite codes? Then maybe 4 out of the 40 channels on that sat were nothing but fuzz...
  20. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

    This episode was so dice-ful. Did you guys set up a special dice mic or something? I liked it. Ken seemed very high energy today, so I'm guessing he thrives in warm weather like a lizard. I agree with him that the crew should also do a Candyland podcast. "What about a little Glinnish-less?" *giggled* I've noticed a high frequency of Matrix references in the past few episodes, but Sark made up for it with a nice Dune sandworm comment. My advice to the crew is to swim without rhythm.
  21. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

    I'm definitly going to be watching SOMMWS.
  22. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    I also worry that Sir Richard may be getting shafted. I swear to God, if he dies again....
  23. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    Sark - Two Matrix references? I'm sort of imagining him scheming up the story, buzzed, "Oh yeah, just like Neo!" Blaine made me laugh out loud at work with the theory about the evolution of cave dwelling "eyeless gaze." I loved the goofy vibe in this episode, and Brian's readings of the ads were pretty flipping entertaining. Thanks!
  24. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 20 — Burst Through and Kill

    I feel like Amarth has to be true to who he is... but there should be consequences, and Sark did a great job creating a pretty intense one: blood bubble. I was surprised Mildred didn't take sides with Sir Richard in an attempt to at least give the lady-cargo a chance at survival. This podcast is a bright spot in my week! Thanks.
  25. RichardsCopyCat

    Episode 20 — Owen & TJ Read the News

    God I want more of this.